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What Are The Different Types Of Back Scrubbers?
The following are some common types of back scrubbers that make cleaning the back a cinch.
1.Towel-style back scrubber: A towel-style back scrubber generally features a loofah and a microfiber side that help with exfoliation and proper cleaning of the back.
2.Silicone back scrubber: Silicone back scrubbers are flexible and soft. They make an effective back exfoliating tool as they feature longer, denser bristles along with tiny protruding balls that massage your back while reaching the pores for an intense cleaning session.
3.Brush scrubber: Brush scrubbers feature a handle, generally made of wood or plastic, and the tip of the brush comes with either double-sided or one-sided bristles that help clean and exfoliate the back. Some brush scrubbers also come with a loofah.
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