Updates for WoDynamo are improving rapidly

The WoDynamo Theme is starting to do some awesome updates and is starting to look more like an automated self running Wowonder Engine the Dynamo of Wowonder is WoDynamo for Wowonder by B-webdesign!


A few of the changes towards Wowonder in the vision of WoDynamo is that it should require a better way for entrepeneurs to get started. Having the tools to build your social media is amazing but in order to do so entrepeneurs require to have a Social Media Coverage at all time. WoDynamo provides the Wowonder users a way to experience their Wowonder as they never did before.





The latest changes of the WoDynamo Engine are starting to show great differences. Anyone that now uses the WoDynamo theme is ensured of activities, useful information and automated entertainment on their Wowonder Theme. 

We will off course continue to show massive upgrades and guaranteed you of the highest quality social media kit on the Wowonder Market.