WoDynamo Gaming Experience

WoDynamo has now the best gaming experience included in the WoDynamo theme for Wowonder.


Did you ever find yourself buying all these Wowonder Applications, tools, etc and then finding yourself stuck due to the fact that Wowonder is really just an empty engine with no benefits in its early phase. 


Sure for an intranet, huge corperation or other firm it has all the needs for a basic setup but what about small business owners/ online entrepeneurs and others that rather focus on the people and make sure they enjoy their use of your social media platform at all time. 


This is where Wodynamo plays an important role bringing together the best of both worlds. The Team that builded WoDynamo is B-webdesign. We are very experienced with Wowonder and have been using the engine for many years now. Our idea was to make a very simple non complicated engine where gathering data and feeds online goes very naturally and always  as a second priority to ensure your priority remains with the generated content by your users.


Some may say so if it is second priority based is your theme an added value to Wowonder? We like to think it is! For those that really want to start gathering their audience at their platform and ensure that the audience sticks along as long as possible what you will need is entertainment accessibility. The best way to realise this  is to ensure your engine is always providing enough feed.


No matter how much content your users will post eventually a user will be able to scroll through to the bottom and there wouldnt be much else to explore. We ourselve have discovered this multiple times using Wowonder whether it was for our own infrastructures or our clients. Wowonder on its own is impossible to compete with the big players like Facebook, Google plus. Linkedin Unless you are a king at marketing.


Now there is WoDynamo 1.0 Made for Wowonder 2.1+ a new innovative experience for Wowonder source entrepeneurs. 

WoDynamo can be purchased via B-webdesign!


Some of the screenshots for the work in progress.