The Story of the Golden Turtle

"Recently, the business of several branches in Guangzhou has been on the right track, and we decided to go out to travel and relax.".


"Recently, the business of several branches in Guangzhou has been on the right track, and we decided to go out to travel and relax.". Wendi proposed to go to Guizhou, where it is relatively poor, we can bring some stationery and books, all the way to donate to the children who are out of school.. What a pair of immortal family members who are full of life interest and positive. I closed the browser, took out a can of pineapple beer from the refrigerator, opened it and poured a few mouthfuls. He is a Cantonese, but he never drinks pineapple beer or eats pineapple because he hates the taste. I haven't eaten pineapple in the seven years I've been with him. On the day of parting, I walked aimlessly in the streets and alleys like a wandering soul. Suddenly, I saw pineapple beer in a small shop on the side of the road, and I bought two cans without thinking. The aroma of pineapple will surely make him jump out of my mind and go far away, so that I will never think of it again. Sunglasses I returned to the company on Monday to prepare the copy of the new version of the company's website. Searching for information, looking up English, busy and dizzy, can not help but secretly open the entertainment channel, want to add the latest gossip information. As soon as I read one or two, I saw Zhao Tou coming in and waving to me. I quickly forked the web page and went out with him, wondering what had happened. He took me into his office,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, opened the drawer and rummaged through it for a long time. Finally, he found a small pot of tea and handed it to me: "Make six cups of tea quickly and bring them to the conference room." Strange, why did the job of serving tea and water come to me? But the leader's appointment can only be regarded as an honor, and he never dares to say more nonsense. He took the tea caddy and saw that it turned out to be his private collection of Wuyishan Dahongpao, which was usually locked in the drawer as if to guard against thieves for fear that we would ask for it. I couldn't help asking, "What kind of guest is here today?" You don't know, do you? Geng Jiamin had something to do and went back to Beijing. A new person in charge came,Nail machine manufacturer, who also came from Beijing. A new broom sweeps clean. He arrived here on the first day. Saying that I had made tea and carefully carried the plate, Zhao took me into the conference room. I smiled at the leaders with eight teeth and served them tea in turn. The last cup was placed in front of a young man who sat farthest to the side. He had been looking down at the document, and I peeked at him, only to see a small half of his side face, and his skin was quite white. I haven't seen him before, and he must be the one who replaces Geng Jiamin. Just then, Head Zhao's loud, hearty and ebullient voice sounded behind me: "General Manager Zhai, this is Xiao Han of our company, Han Jingji, who is also from Beijing and has been in Guangzhou for three or four years." What the fuck Madam Zhao, why won't you stop until you sell me? Wen Yan, surnamed Zhai, Nail machine supplier ,Automatic Nail Making Machine, immediately stood up and shook hands with me with a smile: "You are Xiao Han. I heard Jia Min mention you. I heard that he was taken care of by you in Guangzhou these days." I stared at his face, and the resentment of Zhao Tou in my heart disappeared in an instant, replaced by endless gratitude. God, did you send them to compensate me for the fact that the net friends I met during the two-year gap were all crooked? After coming out, Head Zhao said to me in a low voice: "Invite General Manager Zhai to have dinner at the World Trade Center tonight. You can come too." I swallowed, nodded and said, "I'll go." When it was time to eat, I had to be placed next to Zhai. His business card reads: Zhai Zhijin, Deputy Manager of the Planning Department. It doesn't look like Geng Jiamin is a big name. Zhai Zhijin didn't pay much attention to me, just talking and laughing with the top management of our company. I was so happy and leisurely that I slowly tasted the delicious and tender shark's fin in front of me, but the sensory organs of my whole body were detecting him in the dark. His smile is different from Geng Jiamin's. Geng's smile is very simple, but he is a little sophisticated. His temperament is also elegant, but also different from Geng, Geng is meticulous, he is a little lazy. You see, you see, when you sit, your back is a little hunched. Just as he was thinking about it, he suddenly asked me, "Xiao Han, I want to buy a pair of sunglasses. Do you know where there are good ones?" "There is one near here.". Friendship, Libby, is a lot. Head Zhao did not forget to say: "Xiao Han, you can go shopping with General Manager Zhai later." So after breaking up at the World Trade Center, I accompanied Zhai Zhijin into the Friendship Store. I seldom come to this part of the gold rush road. The Friendship Store and the Park Plaza are all famous for their high prices. A piece of clothing and a pair of shoes are casually four-digit numbers, and the mountains are high. Not only that, but the shop assistants were all amazing. Even if they welcomed me with a gentle smile, I could read the words "can you afford it" and run away. I can finally go shopping with my head held high today. Do you know which brand is good? He asked me. I do not know I said honestly, "I don't know much about famous brands.". Do you have a favorite brand? He smiled. "I don't care.". You can't go wrong with an expensive one. What the fuck This answer.. It sounds like a local rich man. As soon as the ladies at the counter saw him, they were as happy as a flower and greeted him: "Is this your first visit to our counter, sir?" "The shape of this frame suits your face." "In terms of anti-ultraviolet effect, brown is the best.". If you want to drive, the color should not be too dark. Would you like a membership card, sir? There's a 10% discount. Zhai Zhijin pointed to the label on the sunglasses for me to see: "After the discount of more than 800, is it all right?" I suppressed a smile and nodded. "Not bad." He drove me home in Geng Jiamin's familiar Bluebird. Along the way, I simply answered a few questions from him and did not take the initiative to speak. Years of experience in Jianghu tells me that he is more difficult to deal with than Geng. Geng Jiamin's joys and sorrows are all outside, easy to grasp, but this one, although you see him smiling all day, is a smiling tiger, turning his face to six relatives. It's better not to provoke. Get married But the next day after work, his phone came: "Xiao Han,High Speed Nail Making Machine, do you know where there is delicious food in Guangzhou?" I thought about it for a second, but I kindly agreed to take him. I don't want to provoke him, but I can't afford to provoke him. Shall I drive to pick you up now? 。