Yipin Taoist priest system

Did you climb the mountain with Liu Xixi? Sun Peng looked up his neck and thought about it. As a result, the idea was killed by him immediately.


Did you climb the mountain with Liu Xixi? Sun Peng looked up his neck and thought about it. As a result, the idea was killed by him immediately. Although he had no contact with Guo Xiaofei, Sun Peng knew that she and Liu Xixi didn't seem to get along very well. It was impossible for them to go together as soon as they went to practice. It was too evil. While Sun Peng was thinking like this in his head, the door suddenly creaked open, and then a small face that looked very enchanting but was full of tiredness and haggard appeared in front of Sun Peng, almost mistaking Sun Peng for an animal that had stayed up all night in the Internet bar, and after a careful look, Sun Peng recognized it. Standing in front of him at the moment is the legendary Guo Xiaofei. Lesser, what's the matter? Guo Xiaofei looked at Sun Peng confusedly. In her eyes, Sun Peng was a girl named Xiaoya in her class. Cough.. Sun Pengfei quickly entered the role, "this." I'm out of shampoo. Can you give me some? "Oh." Guo Xiaofei did not say much, directly opened the door and turned around and went in. I didn't expect the first task to be so simple! Sun Peng was so excited that when he saw Guo Xiaofei enter the room, he quickly followed him in, and then scanned the location on the map, Sun Peng immediately locked the final location-the washroom. You take my bottle, Head Shoulders,Investment casting parts, and put it in your place after use. I'll come and get it later. Guo Xiaofei said, while getting into bed, between the lines are so lazy. OK After Sun Peng patiently said such a word, he was about to turn around and walk to the washroom, but at this time, Sun Peng suddenly saw a pink figure running in from outside the dormitory door,Steel investment casting, and said to Sun Peng, "Let me go in first, I feel terrible, take a bath first." After that, she ignored what Sun Peng said. He just closed the door of the bathroom. Holy shit! Sun Peng was dumbfounded at once, because he suddenly remembered that it was the beautiful woman from the Department of Physical Education who ran into the washroom quickly. Looking at her sweaty appearance, she should have just come back from some test. If changed as usual, Sun Peng must be very excited. You should know that the beauty of the sports department is as famous as the three golden flowers of the mechanical department. It's good for ordinary people to talk to you. They can also listen to the sound of water outside the door when people take a bath. It's simply the existence of YY level in countless cattle dreams. But at this time, Sun Peng has no time to take these into account. Because Sun Peng found that the skill time is getting shorter and shorter. MB! Spell it! Sun Peng gritted his teeth and listened to the sound of rushing water coming from the washroom. Sun Peng shouted at the top of his voice: "Beauty, you open the door, and I'll take something!" "Yes, socket screw plug ,deep draw stamping, that's all right." Inside the door of the sports department beauty said so, and then hula pulled the door open, "take what, hurry up." "Take.." Sun Peng only said a word, and then the second note was stuck in the throat, two eyes straight at this time off only a pair of underwear, and then back to his shower in the sports department beauty, Sun Peng suddenly had a feeling of feather soaring. "This skill is really abnormal!" Sun Peng, who finally succeeded in taking the red cloth bag and ran all the way out, finally breathed a heavy sigh of relief. Now what flashed in front of him was the enchanting figure of the beautiful woman in the Department of Physical Education. He shouted ten times in a row in his heart before he extinguished the nameless fire. Skill time is up, but by this time Sun Peng has been hiding in a no-man's land, after the transformation came back, the first thing he did was to submit the task. Congratulations on your mission! The stiff voice of the system rang out. [Www Qiqisuu Bookcom] 2. Helpless farewell party Sun Peng's system character was originally only level zero. As soon as the reward for the task was released, Sun Peng saw a dazzling white light flashing in front of his eyes. Then he found that his system character had been upgraded directly. This was something he had expected. The experience needed was not much, but to his surprise, he found that there was a skill in the reward! "Demon King's transformation: It is said to be one of the seven ancient skills. It has infinite ability to change. It can become anything in imagination. The skill time depends on the proficiency of the skill.." The transformation of the devil. Sun Peng looked dumbfounded, before he had personal experience, he had felt the terrible transformation of the devil, which is much more high-end than those top disguise transfiguration, unless he said it out, otherwise there is no such thing as wearing a gang, and now, he actually has this skill directly? "The transformation of the devil." On the edge of the demon king. Sun Peng said, while opening the skill bar in the system, the result is just a look, he immediately burst into tears, because at this time he saw that the skill proficiency is 0, and the skill cooling time is. 165 hours! Damn it! Sun Peng touched his nose gloomily, 165 hours, almost a week's time. How can I practice this! The effect of the skill is really abnormal, but the cooldown time is also daunting. Sun Peng thought he had hit some shit luck and just hit a skill that was not good enough. As a result, it can only be regarded as an ornament that is better than nothing. The cooling time of the transformation of the devil let Sun Peng see no idea at all, turned around and looked at the girls' dormitory building ready to leave, but at this time let Sun Peng slightly stupefied is that he saw a few young people dressed in fancy clothes to the girls' dormitory in the past, but was soon blocked by the iron-faced old woman, a few young people immediately left, see this scene. Sun Peng sniggered in his heart,car radiator cap, and it was estimated that the animal of which family was missing spring again. Several young people quickly trotted out of the gate of Ning, Sun Peng felt that there was nothing to see, so he went directly back to his multi-functional integrated small rental house. autoparts-dx.com