Beauty of rivers and mountains

After saying such bold words, Yuchen was ashamed to see the emperor, but the emperor was close to her, warm words made her blush, and the emperor's hand boldly slipped into her clothes.


After saying such bold words, Yuchen was ashamed to see the emperor, but the emperor was close to her, warm words made her blush, and the emperor's hand boldly slipped into her clothes. The emperor His thick palm covered her soft and greasy peaks, causing the jade dust to breathe lightly. Does the emperor want her now? Tonight, I don't know how I suddenly remembered the situation of the emperor and Jia Fei together, and she felt a little uncomfortable, so she couldn't help acting like a spoiled child to the emperor. In fact, she was completely puzzled about the intimacy between men and women, and if she really wanted to face it, she was at a loss. Tianyi turned Yuchen's body and let her lie on her back. Her skirt had been opened, revealing the small pink cherry on the white jade chest. Tianyi murmured, bowed her head and held it in her mouth. Her lips wandered in front of her chest, wandering with special attachment to the red scar on her heart. Tianyi's hands moved to the snow-white and smooth abdomen of the jade dust, and the place where his hands passed was like two flames burning so passionately that they could not bear it. Jade dust tightly grasped the emperor's shoulder, her mind was blank, she was soft and weak, she could only meekly cater to the emperor's plunder, and gave herself to the emperor. Tianyi cleverly took off the clothes of the dust, did not let her have time to retreat timidly, took her hand and put it on her own skirt, and bewitched her with eyes full of desire. Little man, I want you to undress me. Yuchen's eyes were full of passion, and she obediently took off his clothes with trembling hands. When she pulled open the emperor's front and touched his strong chest with her little hand, she was too ashamed to take it off any more. There was a deep laugh in Tianyi's chest. "Shy baby, I should teach you." Holding Yuchen's hand, she took off her clothes and let her hand stick to his skin, slowly teaching her how to find the sensitive parts of each other and please him and herself. Their breathing became more and more rapid, and their lust was on the verge of breaking out. Jade Dust could no longer stand the impulse of desire in her body. She cried out softly like asking for help: "Your Majesty,metal stamping parts, Dust.." So uncomfortable, so.. It's hard, Your Majesty. Tianyi's lips moved back from her body to her ear, and she murmured hoarsely: "Dust, my baby, you are my man!" Seal her small mouth at the same time, also broke through the last line of defense, two people merge into one, also will the jade dust truly become the emperor's person. Love is lingering, and since then it is inseparable. In the bedroom, the luminous pearl inlaid on the bedpost emits a soft light, which shines on the men and women who embrace each other intimately on the bed. The rapid and disordered breath has gradually calmed down. Jade dust buried his face in the bosom of the emperor, filled with the satisfaction and happiness of becoming a woman, although the body is a little sore and uncomfortable, but the feeling of physical and mental harmony with the emperor is enough to make up for everything, die casting parts ,CNC machining parts, the original intimacy between men and women is so beautiful, people are ashamed and love! Tianyi stroked her hair for the man in her bosom, and one hand was still on her soft buttocks. Now that you have finally become my man, do you blame me for not liking you? Speaking of this, Tianyi couldn't help laughing again. Yu Chen was too ashamed to raise his head. "The emperor makes fun of Chen," he said in a voice like a mosquito. "Chen will never be embarrassed to see the emperor again." He covered his face and tried to turn away. Tianyi, who was willing to let people go, laughed and hugged Yuchen tightly, bent over and kissed her little hand covering her face. "That's not possible. How can I not be willing to see the dust?"? It's not easy for me to get you! Yu Chen blushed and slightly removed his hand covering his face. "The emperor can't make fun of Chen any more." Tianyi smiled and pulled down her hand and kissed her little nose. "Isn't that a lot less fun for me?"? Don't tease you, life is so boring, I love to see you blush and timid appearance. "Your Majesty, the dust will not comply!" Jade dust could not help but pout his mouth and beat him lightly. Seeing her pitiful appearance, Tianyi loved her very much, hugged the jade dust tightly with a smile, sprinkled a little bit of small kisses on her face, and finally kissed her lips, absorbing her intoxicating sweetness. After a while, Tianyi let go of the jade dust. Are you tired? I should have let you rest. You've just recovered. You shouldn't be too tired. Tianyi wiped the sweat from her forehead and her face was full of heartache. Yu Chen also stretched out his hand to wipe away the sweat for the emperor and said with a gentle smile, "Tomorrow the emperor will go to the morning court. He should rest more than Chen. It's Chen's fault. He shouldn't bother the emperor." "Has the beloved concubine thought of how to compensate me?" Tianyi hugged her so that she could feel the desire to wake up. Of course, the wise jade dust of ice and snow understood what the emperor wanted, and a small face was hidden in the emperor's shoulder socket, too ashamed to reply. Why don't you speak? Do you want me to say it more clearly? Day Yi does not let her hide, raises her small face to appreciate her charming manner. Jade dust rippled with a smiling face, embarrassed to bite his lips and shake his head. Well, I have to say it more clearly! I want you. After the words have not finished, the jade dust has taken the initiative to kiss the emperor, block to let her shy words, also gave himself to him. Anyway, the night is still very long! In the fifth watch, Tianyi woke up on time. As the king of a country, he had no right to stay in bed. He gently moved the sleeping person in his arms and got out of bed silently. Tianyi sat down beside the bed and looked carefully at the sleeping little people. She is finally her own person, both physically and mentally belong to him! Day Yi felt completely satisfied, never a woman let him so eager to get, spent so much of his mind, but also experienced many difficulties and twists and turns. But these have not dispelled the idea that he wants her, he just must have her. Now, all the misunderstandings have been cleared up, and she has become his beloved concubine. In the past half month, with her company, the days have been happy and happy, and the unpretentious innocence and considerate gentleness of the dust have made Tianyi cherish her more and more. Dust, of course, there will be bad temper, disobedient time, but no matter how unhappy she is, will only be a life sulk, will not look for people to vent their anger, Tianyi feel that even when dust gas toot toot are so cute. Dust's temper comes and goes quickly, and it will be all right in a moment. Seeing her smiling face,Magnetic Drain Plug, even if there is a big anger can not break out, she is such a pleasant woman, it is difficult not to spoil her.