Underbelly Black Heavenly Master of Rebirth

"Is that okay?" He Yijia thought about it and gritted her teeth as if she had made a big decision. "I want to see it." "Good."


"Is that okay?" He Yijia thought about it and gritted her teeth as if she had made a big decision. "I want to see it." "Good." Han Lingling seemed to write something in the air, and then waved it. He Yijia immediately felt his eyes were cool, as if something had flown into his eyes. He Yijia rubbed his eyes, and when he raised his eyes, he heard a shrill scream of fear. There are all kinds of people in the room, not people but ghosts, one by one floating in the air, the whole room has been empty, very crowded. Heard screams, all kinds of ghosts heard one after another to look at He Yijia, at this time of He Yijia took a look, is immediately vomited on the ground, want to go to the bathroom but see that the house is a ghost, scared to stand in place and dare not move half a minute. See He Yijia like this, Han Lingling also has no accident, this is already good, even if he directly spit out the bile, three days did not eat, then slowly adapt. At this time. Outside the window, there were ghosts coming in from time to time, and Han Lingling did not intend to stop them. But one side of He Yijia has been unable to stand, the ghosts saw two people can see them, immediately one after another to two people close to the side, Han Lingling is red face, but He Yijia face scared almost out of breath. These ghosts are floating outside, at this time to see them immediately came to interest, the natural appearance is not good to see there, at this time there is a ghost one eye in the eye socket kept dangling, the other eye drooping outside, there is his face has been seriously rotten, looking at He Yijia's two eyes kept rolling. The eye outside almost flew to He Yijia's body. Even if he Yijia is a policeman, also break down to shout, really is about to cry, such a scene there is suffered ah. Master Han, please take these! Take it! I'll give you the money. I'll give you the money. Think about the previous life is so good, want not to say at home, even in the Bureau is also very happy, how can there be a look, at this time he Yijia heart has hated the people who hurt themselves, to say that they have nothing to do today, will not let go of their own people. Don't you have the amulet I gave you? As long as you have it, nothing will happen. For the things I promised you, I naturally said that I would not act shamelessly. For your money, I believe you will not act shamelessly, collapsible pallet box ,plastic bulk containers, right? Han Lingling looked at He Yijia's discomfited appearance and reached out to pull him up from the ground, but there were no waves on the lovely doll's face, as if there were none for those. He Yijia immediately remembered that he still had Chen Liming's safety charm, which immediately came out of his pocket like a treasure, carefully placed in the palm of his hand. Finish these, in the heart just have some confidence, he Yijia dare to look up to see the ghost has been to fill his body, scared he Yijia subconsciously put his hand in front of him. But there is no imagination of the pain, there is no discomfort, he Yijia looked up and immediately found that those who are afraid of the ghost has been hiding from their own far away, the most pitiful is to frighten their own ghost, has been lying on the ground with black fog. At this time, he Yijia was relieved, even if he knew that this peace charm was true, he was still very surprised, surprised at the same time looking at Han Lingling's eyes like a great God, two eyes shining at Han Lingling. After another ghost came in, Han Lingling took down the wind chimes hanging above the window and looked at the words above with a clear smile. It seems that the people who hurt you have spent a lot of money! He Yijia heard is a stupefied, subconsciously asked, "what did you say?"? You know him? "I don't know!"! But I know the runes above, and I think you'd better go home, or there will be another thing waiting for you after this. What Han Lingling said is true. She was very familiar with the runes above, which was the handwriting of the person who made her feel guilty in her last life, and it was also the reason why Han Lingling didn't take it off just now. He had already got started, but he didn't think he would do such a thing, which made Han Lingling Han unexpected. It seems necessary to have a look, Han Lingling made a handprint full of scattered, the palm is a stretch of the hand more than a black flag, to the ghosts is a wave, see the ghosts like fixed in place can not move, the black flag is a wave to see the ghosts slowly fade bit by bit, and finally turned into black fog into the flag. Chapter 10 bewitching insects Han Ling gave He Yijia a card number, and He Yijia naturally knew what it meant. After dealing with the matter of He Yijia, Han Lingling went directly to the park not far from He Yijia Community. At this time, the sky was already slightly bright, and a lot of people had gathered at the gate of the park, but most of them were old people. Han Lingling came here and seemed out of place. Han Lingling came to a dark and damp corner of the park and saw two people in the corner who did not know what to say. One was a boy about the same age as Han Lingling, dressed in Miao costumes. The man beside him was a little older, dressed in simple casual clothes. Han Lingling stood there quietly looking at the two people, eyes flashed a trace of complexity. For the front of the boy, Han Lingling heart is a little complicated, although the heart has thought of him, but when he kissed in his own face, Han Lingling heart some hesitation, do you know you should see him. While thinking about things, Han Lingling accidentally stepped on the dead branches on the ground, and the two people in the corner immediately found someone,ibc spill pallet, and immediately looked at Han Lingling. Han Lingling gave a wry smile and did not avoid it. Some things are natural. What should come is to come. Avoidance is the performance of the weak. You two are very leisurely! But is it too immoral for you two to do so? So you're not afraid of God's punishment? I still advise you two to pay attention to it, otherwise the retribution will be very cruel! With Han Lingling's lovely baby face, it looks innocent and always makes people relax their vigilance. But the mouth is not the slightest bit polite. binpallet.com