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The original dragon-shaped body, after crossing the big Youyan ice, quietly turned into a human form, the volume became smaller, the place where the force naturally became smaller, previously around the body of the golden dragon that a golden electric light accompanied by Ah Jin's il


The original dragon-shaped body, after crossing the big Youyan ice, quietly turned into a human form, the volume became smaller, the place where the force naturally became smaller, previously around the body of the golden dragon that a golden electric light accompanied by Ah Jin's illusion into a human form, at the same time condensed in her hands on the extinction gold ring, at this time the extinction gold ring, shining as transparent. He flew out of Ah Jin's control and went straight to the big sun cone. Boom 11, very similar to the situation in the last World War I, the tip of the big sun cone cracked a little under the action of the Fire Demon Domain, and its power was weakened. Then, the whole front end of the big sun cone exploded, and there was a ring of fire expanding outward, and then it hit the gold ring of extinction. A puff of golden mist rose from Ah Jin's body, and she defused most of the attack power of Dior's Big Sunny Cone by virtue of her own skill resistance and powerful magic skills, which came with the extinction of the Golden Ring. According to the normal thinking, as long as she takes advantage of the situation to retreat at this time, she can dissolve the aftermath of the big sun cone as much as possible,12 needle valve, relying on the holy physique, it is impossible to suffer any trauma. But she didn't do that. Jin not only did not retreat, but re-incarnated as a golden dragon, so he rushed up directly to the aftermath of the big sun cone. He used his body to withstand the bombardment of the aftermath of the big sun cone. You know, this is the ultimate Yang fire super nirvana skill! It has a very strong restraining effect on her attributes. Even under such circumstances, Ah Chin brazenly and fearlessly went up to meet him. This is what kind of persistence can be so persistent. Another golden mist came out of the mouth of the dragon-shaped Ah Jin. It was not magic, but her blood. Jin was injured, Ji immediately judged her situation at this time,38 needle valve, and at this time, Jin's body had crossed the aftermath of the big sun cone, and finally came to the fire Lord whose soul was full of consternation. With a swing of his body, Akin's dragon tail had already swung up and hit the Fire Lord's body heavily. The Fire Lord subconsciously raised his right arm to block, and with a loud bang, the golden flames on his right side of his body scattered, and his huge body was pulled out tens of meters by the tail of the dragon. It's official. Seeing this scene, Ji Dong finally understood what Ah Jin was going to do. She didn't know how to get through the Great Youyan Ice, and then tried her best to wear the Great Sunny Cone. The purpose was to get close to the Fire Demon Lord. She did not take her own advice at all, but chose hand-to-hand combat. There is no doubt that Akin's choice is extremely dangerous, and the Fire Demon Lord previously had two advanced super nirvana skills! As long as a complete one falls on Ah Kin, she will be seriously injured even if she does not die. However, Ji Dong also had to admit that Ah Jin's choice was the cleverest, tube fitting manufacturer ,brass tube fitting, because only her holy physique was not weaker than her opponent's. Relying on the purest blood inheritance of the ancestor dragon, it is possible to win by hand-to-hand combat. With a blow from the dragon's tail, Ah Jin repelled the Fire Demon Lord and refused to give way. With a flash of his body, he had already caught up with him. The right wing swept out like a huge guillotine. The whole front end of the right wing shone with golden brilliance like water. There was no doubt that the gold system was sharp. The Great Demon Lord's reaction was also very quick. He was hit by Ah Jin through the big sun cone and fell back. He was also furious. His left foot stepped heavily on the ground. His huge body was half rolled out. The black flame of his left hand completely converged on his arm and split straight out, colliding with Ah Jin's dragon wing. With a dull bang, Ah Jin in the air had no strength, his body was suddenly shaken back, and there was a scar on the left hand of the Fire Lord. The most tragic and direct hand-to-hand combat began. At such a distance, neither side can have time to release enough skills to cause powerful damage to the other side. In this case, what they can do is to rely on their bodies and magic as much as possible without using powerful grinding. To destroy the other side in the case of skill. A Jin's dragon wings, claws, tail, body impact, head impact, and even the bite of the dragon's mouth, all kinds of attacks. And the ten-meter-tall Fire Lord also brazenly attacked. At each collision, there is a palpitating thud. The fists of the heavenly stem saints were clenched tightly, and everyone was watching the situation in the field intently. Ji Dong suddenly had a soft little hand in his hand, and when he turned around, he saw Chen Sixuan not knowing when he had come to his side, and the soft extreme Yimu magic was injected into Ji Dong's body, which made him feel comfortable all over his body. Ji Dong, what do you think of this war? Luo Sixuan asked in a low voice. Ji moved with a sigh and shook his head. Chen Sixuan also sighed slightly, "If it is in the human world, even if Ah Jin will lose, the other side can never get away with it.". Unfortunately, this is the fifteenth layer of the inner earth world. Ji moved nodded, fully agreed with Chen Sixuan's words, yes, Chen Sixuan said very right, unfortunately, here is the fifteenth floor of the inner earth world. Boom! There was a particularly loud roar, Ah Kin. Finally separated from the body of the Fire Lord. Jin's body flew far away like a kite with a broken line, and the Fire Lord looked very embarrassed, with scars on his flame-covered body. Although they were all minor injuries, it was the first time that it had participated in the selection ceremony in such an awkward situation. Jin's body fell heavily to the ground, and the Fire Lord gasped violently and quickly gathered his magic. Just as he was preparing to attack again, Niu Dong shouted, "Enough, we give up this game." The Fire Demon Lord grinned grimly, as if he had not heard Ji's words at all. It was another big sun cone that condensed. Previously, the big sun cone failed to work on Ah Jin, which made it lose some confidence. It was still ready to use the big sun cone to win. Stop A powerful soul suppression came, so that the fire demon Lord who was ready to start was stagnant,stainless steel tube fitting, although the skills condensed were not interrupted, but it also stopped its movements abruptly. Look up at the Fire Demon King in the air. The Fire Lord nodded and waved to it, and the Fire Lord backed away. chinaroke.com