Players can participate in Animal Crossing's many activities throughout May

Players can participate in Animal Crossing's many activities throughout May


In May, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp may bring more exciting events to players. Players can experience the handy game Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Android or iOS devices, and they can decorate and build their own campsites in the game to enjoy the warm weather of this month in many interesting ways. They can even have flower-themed adventures with Isabelle, participate in many ninja activities and treasure hunts.

Players need to have more travel time in Pocket Camp, and in New Horizons they can Buy Animal Crossing Bells collect most of the resources and collectibles while walking on the island. This is the difference between the two games. In Pocket Camp, players must go to different places to fish, catch insects or collect manual resources. Once these items are obtained, players can build furniture to make their campsite more attractive and add a personal touch. However, the game is more limited than Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and is subject to its platform restrictions on mobile devices.

What New Horizons and Pocket Camp have in common is the use of seasonal events to change gameplay. Regardless of whether these events occur regularly on specific holidays, such as Animal Crossing's Fishing Tourney, or are created to fill in the gaps, these events are great opportunities to add new content. However, what is unfriendly to players is that if players miss an event, they may lose event-specific items and have to wait a full year before trying to collect them again, rather than making money only through game progress.

It is said that in May 2021, Nintendo will host the May event of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. And there is no specific end date for these events. Players can participate in the events and earn the items they need throughout May. Players can participate in Isabelle's full entertainment Animal Crossing Items activities, in this event, players can collect glass hydrangea.

Players can also participate in ninja scavenger hunting activities, collect ninja Gyroidite to obtain flying ninja kites, balance training pools and fortress wall items. Even, players can participate in fishing competitions and get the chef's corner sushi belt, Sushi Buffet Table, Sushi Roll Sheet and other cool items by grabbing Bigfin Reef Squid and Skipjack Tuna. Throughout May, players can participate in these activities in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp in many interesting ways, and collect as many rewards as possible before the end of the month.