Madden 22: 2 best candidates for Cover Athlete

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Madden 22 cover athlete candidate No. 2: Josh Allen
In the breakout season of Bills, he was as important as Stefon Diggs, and no one was more important than Josh Allen. He is the spokesperson for the 13-3 campaign in Buffalo, including their first AFC championship since 1988. Allen's breakthrough campaign put him fifth in passing and passing touchdowns, and fourth among quarterbacks. If you are a Madden player, you are welcome to visit GameMS to buy MUT 21 Coins.

The only reason Allen is not the main contender for the Madden 22 screen player is recent history. As I said in an earlier slide, Patrick Mahoms and Lamar Jackson are the last two screeners. Madden may not want the budding superstar quarterback to get screens for the third consecutive season. Either way, Allen is one of the most watched players this season. He may be the right candidate for Madden's next screen player, although others may be better off.

Madden 22 cover athlete candidate No. 1: Derrick Henry
There are rumors that Henry may actually be the cover character of Madden 22. This is an understandable choice. EA Sports may not want to put a young quarterback on the cover for the third year in a row. Most importantly, there is no better non-passing player to become this year's screener. All guards of the Titans will be selected. In the past three seasons, he has been one of the best guards in the NFL, including the dominant 2020-21 season, he once again leads the league in rushing and touchdowns. Henry is also a strong player to win Madden 21 Coins.

In Madden 21, his truck scored 90 points overall, while Break Tackle scored 94 points. I'm not saying that Henry can play Michael Vick's influence in "Madden 22", but he can easily become one of the best players in the game. Henry seemed right to put on the cover of "Madden 22". If you want to know more about the players, then you can buy MUT Coins to get help.

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