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With that, he walked away without looking back, and when he got out of the door,


With that, he walked away without looking back, and when he got out of the door, he found himself so angry that he didn't even know what the other party was. Looking at his back, Guan Yingying felt a little puzzled: "Why is this man so nervous?" "As soon as he heard that the house had been rented, his attitude was wrong. Maybe he wanted to rent the house, too." Wang Zhuo's eyesight is not only reflected in perspective, but now he is very old to analyze other people's ideas. It seems to be true. Guan Yingying said with a smile, "He's threatening you to wait and see. Are you afraid?" "I'm so scared, ha ha." Wang Zhuo laughed and said, "My colleagues are enemies. If I'm afraid of him, why should I open a shop? I'll go home and hug my wife as soon as possible." Listening to him talk about his wife, Guan Yingying quietly glanced at him, the heart said that this boy recently looked at women's eyes seems to be somewhat different from before, probably with his girlfriend that, right? Zhang Xingming returned to his office, the more he thought about it, the more irritable he felt. He called the front desk and called in the security guard who saw the intermediary company bringing people to see the house in the morning. Only two of them came, one of them was manager Wei of Huadu Agency, and the other was a man, about 20 years old, about the same height as me,artificial grass panels, wearing a black matte fabric casual clothes. Hearing this, Zhang Xingming immediately matched the man described by the security guard with the one who had just bicker with him. He waved the security guard away. He picked up the phone and called Wei Xia. Xiaowei, I'm Tianyuan Zhang Xingming. Let me ask you something. Did you bring someone to Zhou Fu to see the house this morning? "Boss Zhang," Wei Xia said enthusiastically, "Yes, I took someone to see the house. Mr. Lin has signed a rental agreement with him, and the deal is done." Zhang Xingming was so angry that he took a cold breath and asked unhappily, "Didn't I tell you that if someone has the intention to rent a house,artificial plant wall panels, he must say hello to me first?" Wei Xia still maintained her enthusiasm. She smiled and said, "Boss Zhang, it's not that I don't help. It only took half a day from looking at the house to paying the money. Before I could confirm that he had the intention to rent a house, he had already finished talking with Mr. Lin about the details." Zhang Xingming was almost choked to death, Wei Xia's words clearly can not hear the problem, but how like to satirize him not willing to pay, reluctant to sell? And he also thought of an important question, could it be said that the young boy who had just quarreled with him was the new owner who gave birth to Zhou Fu? What about the rent? How much is the rent? And do you know what he rents that house for? "The rent is 300,000 yuan a month. He has already transferred the first year's 36,000 yuan to Mr. Lin. He wants to open an art investment company. In fact, to put it bluntly, the business scope is the same as your Tianyuan." Zhang Xingming face livid, this is really sent away the little devil ushered in a plague, think of the other side of the face of cynicism, he suddenly angry, heart said boy, fake ficus tree ,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, this time we really have to wait and see M Chapter one hundred and one of the main text Delivered in the third watch In the evening, Wang Zhuo lay alone on the empty bed, rolling around lonely twice, and grabbed the phone to call Ganlin. It's turned off? It's only nine o'clock. Even if you don't have a night life, you don't have to go to bed so early, do you? Helplessly, Wang Zhuo called Feilong again. He couldn't sleep in the hot weather, so he could find a big mouth to chat with and pass the time. The bell rang twice, but it was pressed off. Moments later, the fat dragon sent back a text message: "Pick up girls, do not disturb, please redial.". Your sister's Wang Zhuo angrily dialed a phone to go back, estimated that after the bell rang, hung up. At this time he was a little envious of Qiu Lu, as long as a stone, enough people to pass the time, there is no need to find any girlfriend, this is more comfortable. After pondering for a while, he had a brainwave and called Qi Fei this time. Wang Zhuo? It's so late. What's the matter? Qi Fei's voice was soft and sweet, with a magnetism, just like her people. Wang Zhuo, separated by more than a thousand kilometers, seemed to smell the unique sweet smell on her body. "Of course," said Wang Zhuo with a smile. "What are you doing?" "I just took a shower and I'm blowing my hair." Qi Fei turned on the hair dryer, blew on his cell phone, turned it off and asked with a smile, "Come on, what's the matter?" Wang Zhuo's mind suddenly flashed a picture, in that sunny afternoon, in front of the wide French window, when she opened her arms to embrace the sunshine, the bath towel accidentally slipped that moment. "Hello?" There was no sound on the opposite side, and Qi Fei gave a confused feed. Wang Zhuo hurriedly came to his senses, gave a dry laugh and said, "The signal was not good just now.". I have something to ask you for help. I wonder if you are busy recently. "If you have something to say, why are you so polite to me?" Wang Zhuoxin is right. Everyone has already met naked. Why are you so polite? Sister Qi, I rented a shop on Nanjing Road. Can you help me contact the channel of purchase and get something to make up the number? Are you really going to open a shop? What does it mean to make up the number? "Cheap and affordable small jewelry is OK, such as 925 silver, pearl necklaces, agate earrings, Tibetan silver jewelry and so on, as well as the kind of jade stalls, these are all necessary." "Huh?" Qi Fei did not know whether to laugh or cry. "You mean you want to sell these things on Nanjing Road?" "Yes," Wang Zhuo said earnestly, "I have made an on-the-spot investigation. Many shops sell these, and the business is good." "But those things don't make any money. Don't you want to run jadeite? Why do you do that?" Wang Zhuo Hei Hei smiled: "Make up the number, otherwise I can take out too few things, with this to fill the facade, at least not empty." Hearing what he said,fake blossom tree, Qi Fei could only smile bitterly: "This is also a way. Then I'll help you get in touch." "Well, the budget is one million first. Anyway, I don't understand these things. You can help people to the end." Wang Zhuo gave her the blame with a cheeky smile. hacartificialtree.com