Influence of vermiculite on micro-intumescent mat

Micro-intumescent mat is an important part to ensure the service life and safe operation of automobile catalytic purifier. What do you know about it?


With the development of the automobile industry, automobiles have become a mobile pollution source in the atmosphere, emitting a large amount of harmful gases everywhere, seriously endangering human health and destroying the ecological balance of nature. . Among them, a convenient, feasible and effective measure in practical application is to install a catalytic purifier at the exhaust emission of automobiles.Micro-intumescent mat is an important part to ensure the service life and safe operation of automobile catalytic purifier. What do you know about micro-intumescent mats?

1. The role of micro-intumescent mat

The micro-intumescent mat of automobile exhaust catalytic purifier is different from the general thermal insulation and shock absorption pad. In addition to the thermal insulation and sealing functions of conventional pads, the most important thing is that its thickness can increase with the increase of the working environment temperature. And it keeps increasing, so that the gap between the metal shell and the honeycomb carrier due to thermal expansion can be compensated, and the honeycomb carrier can be well fixed and protected. At the same time, the micro-intumescent mat can provide a good seal around the honeycomb carrier to prevent leakage of exhaust gas.

2. The material of the micro-intumescent mat

The reason why the micro-expandable pad has the above-mentioned expansion function is given by the expansion material added therein. Therefore, the good expansion of the intumescent material is the premise of the good expansion of the elastic gasket, which directly affects the expansion, shock absorption, sealing and the service life of the catalytic purifier. play a vital role.

role of micro-intumescent mat

3. The role of vermiculite

Vermiculite is added in the production process of the micro-intumescent mat for catalytic purification of automobile exhaust. The excellent properties of vermiculite make it widely used in many fields. The expanded vermiculite has low bulk density, stable chemical properties, thermal insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, antibacterial, cold resistance and other excellent properties.

The difference between the micro-intumescent mat and the general thermal insulation and shock-absorbing pad is that the thickness of the micro-intumescent mat under high temperature working conditions increases with the increase of the working environment temperature due to the expansion effect of vermiculite. The addition of vermiculite endows the micro-expandable pad with good expansion.

Therefore, the amount of vermiculite plays a crucial role in the expansion performance of the finished micro-intumescent mat. Only by selecting the proportion of fiber and vermiculite in the micro-intumescent mat reasonably, can the produced pad have good processing properties. At the same time of performance, it also has good expansion.

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