How To Place Custom Leisure Furniture

Nowadays, many Outdoor Patio Umbrella are popular in the market.

While pursuing material life, people continue to have higher and higher spiritual needs. Take sofas for example. Its types include leather sofas and fabric sofas. Nowadays, many Outdoor Patio Umbrella are popular in the market. Not only the best in outdoor furniture, but also can be used indoors, so what is the difference between this kind of sofa and the sofa that you see in the ordinary day? How to put the rattan sofa?

So let's first understand what is a rattan sofa? The rattan sofa is a pure handmade rattan sofa with an aluminum alloy frame and pvc woven. The difference between it and leather and fabric sofas is that it has good air permeability and is easy to set up. It can be used outdoors or indoors, and it is fashionable.

  The new-style rattan sofa is an indispensable part of the house, and its shape and color can best reflect the atmosphere of the house. Plain fabric sofas are the best choice for residential feng shui, and it is best to choose inconspicuous small patterns.
In daily life, the sofa has the function of resting, chatting and meeting guests, so it occupies a very important position in residential feng shui. It is very particular about its placement, so there will be such requirements when placing it:

  1. Pay attention to the number of sets. The shape of the sofa is divided into single sofa, double sofa, long sofa, curved ruler, round sofa and so on. In terms of materials, leather sofas, cloth sofas and Custom Leisure Furniture are also available. In terms of colors and shapes, there are even more tricks. 2. Pay attention to the position of the sofa. As the sofa is used for daily sitting and sleeping of the family, attention should be paid to the placement of the sofa. For an east-facing residence, the sofa should be placed in the four directions of the living room: true east, southeast, true south, and true north. For a west-facing residence, the sofa should be placed in the four directions of the living room: southwest, west, northwest, and northeast. 3. There should be a lean behind the sofa. The so-called “reliable” refers to the backing, which means that there is a solid wall behind the sofa, which is reliable and there is no worries about it. This is in line with the Tao of Feng Shui. In ancient China, natural marble is used as the back of the chairs, and the patterns on them and the faint mountain views are better. This is the reason. 4. The furnishings of the sofa should be curved rather than straight. The important position of the sofa in the living room is like the main port of the country. It must be able to receive as much water as possible to thrive. A good port must have protruding bends on both sides, shaped like the letter U in English letters. The protruding bends can still be supported by both arms, and the center recess is the feng shui position for receiving air, which can trap wind and gather air. In order to achieve both prosperity and wealth. 5. Do not hedge the sofa with the door. If the sofa and the door are in a straight line, it is best to move the sofa away to avoid conflict with the door. If there is nowhere to move, then you have to place a screen between the two. In this way, the air flowing into the house from the door will not directly hit the sofa. And if the sofa faces the door, it will not be a big problem, there is no need to dodge left and right, and there is no need to place a screen.