How to register an offshore company in the UAE and conduct international business

Offshore companies in the UAE have a legal address in the country, but can only operate abroad.


For example, such a company may provide services and sell goods in the European market, but not in Dubai.

To register a company, one shareholder is enough - an individual or a legal entity, while the maximum number of owners is not limited.

Company form. Offshore companies in the United Arab Emirates are registered in the form of International Business Company (IBC).

Activities. Offshore companies can engage in any type of activity, except for insurance and banking.

Features of offshore companies in the UAE:

You cannot conduct commercial activities in the territory of free economic zones and emirates.
Do not involve local suppliers and contractors, lawyers, accountants and consultants.
You cannot rent commercial property in the UAE outside the free economic zone.
It is impossible to obtain a resident visa for the owners and employees of the company.
Registration. Offshore companies in the United Arab Emirates can be registered only on the territory of free economic zones. To do this, you must apply on the website of the selected zone.

The documents. The standard list of documents for registering an offshore company includes:

articles of association and memorandum of association;
the full name and address of each of the founders;
information on the size of the authorized capital, the number of shares, the par value of the company's share.

Offshore and onshore companies are registered in the Jebel Ali Free Zone. SEZ unites companies from 17 sectors of the economy, including agriculture, petrochemistry, logistics, food industry

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