Two-stage rotary vane vacuum pumps Two-stage rotary vane vacuum pumps

. Two-stage rotary vane vacuum pumps

Two-stage rotary vane pumps are suitable for applications in the low and medium vacuum ranges down to a pressure of 10-3 hPa. An integrated gas ballast feed allows condensable vapors to be pumped down.Get more news about Two Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Seller,you can vist our website!

DuoLine rotary vane vacuum pumps are powered by AC or DC motors, depending upon the size of the pump. In addition to the standard models, the following designs are also available: Magnetically coupled pumps (Duo M series) and corrosive gas pumps, both with and without magnetic coupling (Duo MC series).

Duo M series
M series pumps are equipped with a magnetic coupling with a hermetic sealing. This wear-free sealing concept hermetically seals the pumps, making them clean and environmentally friendly. The magnetic coupling minimizes maintenance resulting in significant savings.
Duo MC series
The MC series pumps are suitable for corrosive gas applications. In contrast to standard pumps, they have a special gas ballast valve, through which inert gas can be admitted into the pump. In addition, the pumps are equipped with special vanes that are especially resistant to chemicals. All corrosive gas pumps in the MC series are ready for operation with chemical-resistant F4 or F5 (perfluoropolyether) operating fluids. The Duo MC pumps are especially suitable for pumping toxic gases because the hermetically sealed magnetic coupling prevents gas from escaping to the outside.

Rotary vane vacuum pumps in the Pascal series in the pumping speed class of between 5 and 21 m3 · h-1 are built with either AC or DC motors. The inlet and outlet flange can be either vertical or horizontal for ideal integration or to enable accessories to be attached. Besides the standard range, the I series with forced lubrication and two different corrosive gas series are also available.

SD series
The SD series of rotary vane vacuum pumps is designed for noncorrosive gases. The natural lubrication (pumping speed class up to 21 m3 · h-1) minimizes the amount of oil discharge from the exhaust. The low pump temperature reduces the oil backflow at the final pressure to a minimum during long-term operation.

As in all other pumps in the pumping speed class up to 21 m³ · h-1 the pump shaft seal is accessible without dismantling the pump block and field maintenance is easy as a result.

I series
Pumps in the I series are equipped with forced lubrication. This enhances their water vapor tolerance in comparison with the SD series. Forced lubrication allows I series pumps to achieve a very low noise level and low vibration.

C1 series
Forced lubrication pumps in the C1 series are particularly suitable for corrosive gas applications due to their

FPM seals and chromium oxide coated shafts and the use of special materials for the housing, vanes, shaft sleeves and sightglasses. The two largest models in this series also have integrated oil filters and oil casing flushing device.