Top 10 Basketball Video Games Outside of the 2K Franchise

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2K has reached wide-scale popularity globally and is now synonymous with being the basketball game representing the NBA.

But this wasn't always the case. However, schools have a firewall that prevents access to accurate IP addresses, even those of specific servers, such as basketball games.

Regardless, we offer the most effective method for getting unblocked basketball games, allowing you to play basketball games.

Long-time basketball fans will recall that 2K was once considered inferior to rival franchises such as NBA Live.

List of Basketball video Games

Outside of NBA 2K, here is a list of the top basketball video games.

1. NBA Jam

Of course, we must return to a classic. Midway released NBA Jam, a basketball arcade/console game, in 1993.

NBA Jam is the most successful arcade game of all time and the turning point of sports video games in terms of looks and action.

It was a great blockbuster and quite advanced for 1993. The game is also recognized for coining the name 'Boomshakalaka,' combining 1990s Hip-Hop and hoops.

2. NCAA March Madness 2008

We still believe that eliminating the NCAA basketball tournament was a tremendous mistake. These contests encapsulated the allure of collegiate basketball.

Each university was represented in the game by its supporters, colors, cheerleaders, and mascots; the entire experience seemed like you were attending a virtual college game.

While there were eleven parts in the March Madness series, the 2008 version was one of my favorites.

To begin with, the cover featured a young Kevin Durant, and the 2007-2008 season produced numerous NBA stars, including Durant, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Love, and others.

Hopefully, the NCAA will be able to bring these games back one day.

3. Jordan vs. Bird

Two legends going toe-to-toe will always be entertaining. In a one-on-one matchup, players played Michael Jordan or Larry Bird roles.

Players might even take on the roles of Michael Jordan in a slam dunk contest or Larry Bird's three-point shootout.

While basketball video games were still in their infancy in 1988, these verses series lay the groundwork for future basketball video games that would later integrate all-star weekend festivities.

While it is not the finest basketball video game of all time, it deserves to be included on our list.

4. NCAA Basketball 10


To my understanding, this is the final college basketball game to be produced, which is unfortunate because the NCAA series had grown dramatically by 2009-2010.

Blake Griffin was the last collegiate basketball player to grace the cover. The dynasty mode and gameplay elements had greatly enhanced, and you may compete in any of the top 20 most difficult areas to play.

Unlike previous games, you could choose a player from any division 1 institution while attempting to recruit high school students.

5. NBA Live 2006

Believe it or not, NBA Live was once considered superior to 2K. While some may argue that Live 2006 should not be on this list.

Maybe I'm biased, but I think the finest installments are strongly related to some of the best NBA seasons.

The cover showed a teenage Dwyane Wade, who went on to win his first championship with the Miami Heat that year and was favorably welcomed by fans when it was first released.

In my opinion, Live 06 also has one of the best Live soundtracks of all time, making the game much more fun.

6. Kobe Bryant in NBA Courtside

Despite only a few years in the league, the late, great Kobe Bryant had already established himself as a real threat in basketball by 1998.

Bryant became the youngest player to have a game built for him at nineteen, and NBA Courtside sold over a million copies, earning him a 'Players' Choice Designation.'

A sequel to the game was launched the following year.

7. ESPN NBA Basketball

For this article, we'll use ESPN NBA Basketball. This game can be called ESPN NBA Basketball or NBA 2K4.

This was one of my favorite games since it mixed NBA-style play with basic streetball. The game also teased what was to come in subsequent 2K releases.

To this day, I'm not sure why they chose the moniker ESPN NBA Basketball rather than 2K4, as previous games had been branded under the 2K label, but something about this version felt different from previous ones.

This game had to be placed on the list for nostalgic reasons.

8. NBA Street Vol. 2


We can assist you if NBA Street Vol. 2 isn't one of your favorite sports games. While the standard NBA style is terrific, there is nothing like streetball.

Aside from playing with the street legends,' you can also rock with any of the 29 NBA teams featured in the game.

NBA Street was released at the peak of Urban music and style in the spring of 2003, which was ideal timing.

The series' demise was never officially explained, but many believe it got outdated. It would be great if EA could provide a more recent version.

Since the last release in 2007, games have evolved substantially, so that it may be worth another attempt.

9. NBA Live 2005

I know I'll get chastised for putting this over some of the other NBA Lives, but I genuinely believe Live 2005 impacted the path of the Live series.

The gameplay and graphics were the greatest they'd ever been, the intro was spectacular, the NBA store was reasonably fantastic, and many believe the 2005 Dunk contest to be the finest.

I also think the soundtrack for NBA Live 2005 was the greatest. If I ever got another Playstation 2, Live 05 would be the first game I bought (seriously).

10. NBA Live 95

It was challenging to place Live 95 on this list because it did not have Michael Jordan (you know, the Michael Jordan).

Nonetheless, Live 95 is regarded as one of the best releases in the entire series. The graphics were deemed historic and felt more realistic than any previous game produced up to that moment.

This game, paired with the fact that the NBA was in one of its heydays, makes this a must-see. Installment of an all-timer.

Final Thoughts

So these are the best basketball video games outside the 2k franchise. Let's select one of them and play such amazing games.