Now Has Given Way To A Community Of Gamers

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Everyone asked for all that. This subreddit is a bubble compared to the actual world. Don't be a fool boy. Plus, most of the items 2K patches later in NBA 2K21. But at first, they always release a half game. Like in tradition. Thing is, it is not like they do not care about the folks here on reddit and cares about the youtbers. Nah. It reddit or any one of these threads do not make shit for where to buy mt 2k21. Ya understand? However, Youtubers and the streamers, their videos make 2K thus and marketable. They make more profit.

2K, like anything else in the world. Is still a company. They have to create profit, and also the more. The greater. Reddit does not make them any profit. Streamers, Youtubers, and all of them boys perform. Even though a lot of them are children and only cancerous. Views are views. 2K makes too much profit from it, like any other games. Check out Fortnite. It would not be what it is right without the streamers and youtubers. especially Ninja. They simply globalize the item, and the product will obviously give them special attention.

Much like Instagram. Instagram PAYS all the wealthy and famous individuals, to simply use their platform and also keep on posting shit. Some folks get paid tens of thousands or even a thousand, just to get one post. That's how the real world operates. Just business. Its not that youtubers made 2K much more great, although you saying 2K cares for profit. 2K is from. Every bball head with a System will get 2K however great or bad YT's support NBA 2K21. Reddit was there prior to twitter,Facebook,Youtube and twitch as a platform to speak our thoughts. Im sure 2K is aware of it.

Of we are not the majority of the 2K community however we're definetly the most active and faithful communtiy inside this online bitch. Whether this reddit is going to die it will affect directy on 2K gain, then if a few YT stop streaming it wont damage 2K in the slightest way. 2K is like crack on YT if a single supplier dies there will rise two others. I get it, yes its awakened they were essentially saying we could change our takeover at anytime and now we can't. I agree something needs to be done! I still have never seen or heard anything that contributes. I think a good deal people were reading into that but don't believe it was ever said.

We need to boycott 2K21 or cheapest 2k21 mt on xbox one will continue to degenerate into nothing but a clear money grab