Effective Function Of Waterproof And Washable Underpads

waterproof bottom pet pads are a very useful training tool to help dogs, but they are just a tool.


Although we are full of confidence in the products we sell to puppy owners, even we cannot honestly say that they will automatically perform miracles effortlessly. waterproof bottom pet pads are a very useful training tool to help dogs, but they are just a tool. Just like you don’t automatically draw amazing pictures just by picking up a paintbrush, unless you put in a certain amount of effort, you won’t use a mat to train your puppy.

Like any tool, there are good and bad ways to use it. As an authoritative expert on puppy pads and potty training, we are here to provide you with some useful tips and tricks on how to use puppy pads!

Useful potty tips
Place the Pad in a central and easy-to-use place
How would you feel if you had to swim through a swimming pool and then climb three flights of stairs to go to the toilet? If the potty position is difficult or inconvenient to reach, your dog's motivation to use it will be reduced. This is why it is a good idea to put a puppy changing pad in a very accessible place, no matter where the dog is. Consider a relatively central location in the house, with almost no obstacles blocking the way.

It is important that dogs have a consistent point they can get used to. Placing the mat in difficult places can cause inconsistencies, because in some cases, the dog will not feel inclined to travel. Putting the pee-covered cushion in the center is not very pleasant, but it is worth it in the long run!

When they use the mat, reward your dog with compliments and hospitality
Likewise, letting the dog pee on the mat all the time and identifying it as the actual peeing point is the secret to successful potty training. They need to know that this is the destination of the pee, and then you can start manipulating it and eventually make them urinate outdoors.

As with most dog training methods, there is a simple solution to make this easy: dog treats!

Whenever you wonder how to get a dog to do something, ask yourself, "Have I tried giving them snacks?" If the answer is no, then it's time to try.

When your dog is peeing on waterproof and washable underpads, the best thing you can do is to pass them something delicious immediately. After you have done this enough times, it will trigger a Pavlovian reaction, and the dog will urinate on the mat with the reward. Once the situation stabilizes, the dog will feel compelled to urinate there even if the supply of snacks ceases.

Associate urination with verbal commands
Have you ever seen the owner tell their dog to "go to the potty" and then immediately raise their leg and do this action? It turns out that this is a very simple command to train your dog to wear-it only requires some effort from you.