Understand The Cleaning Of PV Plush Blanket

PV plush blanket is one of the latest and best-selling plush blankets in textile fabrics.


PV plush blanket is one of the latest and best-selling plush blankets in textile fabrics. The products are characterized by soft hand feeling, fine texture, and environmental protection. So how should the PV plush blanket be cleaned?

Different quality blankets have different cleaning methods. We roughly divide the quality of blankets into two large quantities according to the blankets that are often sold on the market. One is pure wool blankets, and the other is chemical fiber blankets. How to wash these two quality blankets is different.

Wool blankets cannot be washed in a washing machine. Because the high-speed rotation of the washing machine will damage the wool blanket. Wool blankets are easily deformed after washing. Therefore, it can only be washed by hand or taken to a dry cleaner. Before washing the woolen blanket, soak it in cold water for some time to fully soak blanket. Then lift the blanket, gently squeeze some of the water, and rub it with your hands gently with soap. Don't twist the blanket dry, use your hands to squeeze out the water. Otherwise, the blanket is easily deformed. Finally, blankets should generally be dried in the shade. Do not expose them directly to the sun. This will make the blankets hard and out of shape, and they will also tend to shed hair. How to wash wool blankets is probably to pay attention to these problems.

The material of the milk velvet printed blanket is different, so be careful not to damage the blanket when cleaning.