I'm playing from the Netherlands I'm able to get

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Additional Problems: When this happens, the system is practically softlocked. The alt tab option shows multiple windows, however the blackscreen overlaps them anyway and I'm not able to access other applications. This aion classic kinah also applies to task manager , when I try to launch it. To stop the softlock, I must use the windows key to closing the program (which will close all the current programs). Logging back in brings me back to square one.

Other issues: I've seen the game go through the blackscreen , and finally get to the splash screen. From there it works just fine, going to the login screen, and the game functions perfectly. The frequency in which the game randomly plays is not suitable for playing with.

Hi! I'm having similar issues. I went online and deleted config.ini from the Aion/bin64 folder. This didn't solve the issue. I then changed the name of the Aion.bin folder to a new name because launcher tried to launch the 32-bit version instead of 64bit. I was getting that same black screen as the logo initialization.

Although, considering that you may have previously renamed the file, but it didn't work (you didn't mention the exact name you were doing, or were you renaming the wrong file? ) It could be that there's another issue, that I don' t know about. It did work for me.

I'm playing from the Netherlands I'm able to get around 100 per second ping, with exitlag. It's quite enjoyable and I'm feeling confident and competitive. There's no need to worry about it unless you're planning to play for more than 12 hours per day. If that's the case, then you will not be competing against the elite.

This was also a wonderful illustration of community involvement. The 105k AION used to create the prize pool was paid via the Treasury. Following the news of miner, staker, and long-time community member SavageMine's passing in a tragic manner The community decided to give away 25 percent of the prize pool to SavageMine's family (plus 20k AION as a donation directly) to assist them through this time of grief.

Though you can call me snowflakes however, I find open-world pvp far more difficult than it was when I first tried it ten years ago. I believe it's because since then, I've played numerous competitive esports games where an even playing field and pure skill decide who is the winner. I used to think, "Well, just take your licks" and then just accept it. Also, I'd like to make it clear that euro aion classic buy kinah I really enjoy Aion's pvp and liked higher-level pvp like in Tiamaranta's Eye, or an well-organized pvp, like the coliseum. It's easier to get everyone to be on the same page and it's more competitive.