Tips to Farm a Silver Bar in World of Warcraft

Tips to Farm a Silver Bar in World of Warcraft


Tips to Farm a Silver Bar in World of Warcraft

Appropriately enough, it vendors for 1 Silver. The same can not be said for Copper Bar (sells for 10 copper, oddly enough…) not Gold Bar (vendors for 6 silver.) Silver bars in World of Warcraft are used primarily in blacksmithing recipes that call for rare items to make stronger than average weapons or armor. Pandaria 90 gold, Tips to Farm a Silver Bar while silver mineral veins do appear throughout the game, they are rarer to find than normal veins, such as copper or tin. Once you find a silver vein, you can mine it, acquire the silver ore and smelt it into a silver bar. Only a character trained in mining has the ability to mine and smelt. Mists-of-Pandaria-Pandaren-Monk-2-610x381To get more news about safest place to buy wow gold, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

Visit a mining trainer. Mining trainers are in every major city in World of Warcraft, and sporadically placed throughout lower level villages as well. Right-click the trainer to learn "Journeyman Mining."

Purchase a mining pick. Mining trainers are accompanied by vendors that sell mining materials, including picks.

Turn on "Find Minerals" by clicking the tracking button on your minimap. Wander out into low level zones to find copper ore, so you can level up your mining. Tips to Farm a Silver Bar Zones that cater to levels 1 to 20 usually have copper veins. Right-click the vein to mine the copper and increase your mining skill. Continue mining copper ore until you have amassed 65 skill points in mining.

Visit zones that range from level 20 to 30. Copper veins are still found in these zones, but tin veins are more plentiful. In addition, silver veins are found where tin veins are found. You cannot mine silver veins until you have 75 points in mining.

Revisit the mining trainer once you have 75 points in mining. Right-click the trainer and learn to smelt silver, in addition to learning the next mining skill level.

A Silver Bar is a solid bar of silver metal crafted by Miners. It is used in blacksmithing. Tips to Farm a Silver Bar Wow Gold Eu, Find a forge once you have one silver ore. Forges are located by all blacksmith and mining trainers. Smelt the ore to make a silver bar by opening your professions screen, clicking "Silver bar," followed by "Smelt."