This happened less than 15 minutes in the past

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The ancient warriors lasts for an hour, then it starts to OSRS gold diminish. This is a fantastic way to spend 10 million. However, the statistics are not impressive and they're a scarce drop. I think thats all on the runescape armours.

Rant Big about Gravestones

Here's the story. This happened less than 15 minutes in the past. I was working on wood cutting at Lletya or however you prefer to spell it. This was what I was wearing: Silly Jester outfit, Fremmenik Isles Firemaking cape and flame gloves, ring-of-fire, Inferno Adze, Damaged Zamorak Book, Lucky Rabbit's foot.

My inventory was full of logs, money, 300 gp as well as an elf crystal that could be used to teleport me to Lleyta. I was heading towards llyeta and started to lag. But i was right in front of those lvl 88 of wolves. I lost connection and cheap RuneScape gold thought "Oh I suppose I'm safe from these wolves since I already clicked to a safe location." When I tried to log in again, I was dead!