Blizzard has overhauled the character creation in the Shadowlands pre-patch

Through the pre-patch before the official release of Shadowlands, Blizzard provided World of Warcraft players with new character creation and customization options.


Before the official release of the Shadowlands expansion of World of Warcraft, Blizzard changed the customization options for players when creating characters through a series of actions. For World of Warcraft, the release of Shadowlands is a very important moment. In order to make the game easier to attract a wider range of users, Blizzard has added new areas, new tasks and new characters that players need in the game expansion, and has also upgraded some additional features, such as adding support for gamepads.

Many of the contents in the Shadowlands pre-patches have been revealed by Blizzard. In the pre-patch, players’ long-awaited level squish will finally be introduced. This feature will directly lower the player’s level limit so that players can more easily experience the endgame contents. After the pre-patch is released, Blizzard will also use more ways to attract players and help them understand their chosen Classic WOW Gold class. It has been determined that World of Warcraft will add a newbie chat channel in the future, which is similar to the Novice Network of Final Fantasy XIV, enabling players to get a new gaming experience.

Much of the content that Shadowlands adds on October 27th will come toward the end of a player’s version through World of Warcraft. And before some players enter World of Warcraft, the pre-patch has changed the way players work when creating characters. If you want to know what changes will happen to the role creation process in World of Warcraft after the domain patch is enabled, you can check the new blog post released by Blizzard on the official website, which gives a detailed introduction. First of all, the icons on the screen will be rearranged and an animated introduction to the class will be added, but these are secondary, what players expect most is that the appearance of the character can be customized through new options.

In the past World of Warcraft, some coloring options in the character creation process were bundled together. For example, the color of the character's beard and eyes would automatically be consistent with the hair color, and you could not color other parts separately. But now the situation has changed, players can freely use different skin tones, hairstyles and accessories. Not only that, but now the werewolf's human form and werewolf form can be changed independently, which makes players who use werewolf characters very excited.

In fact, Blizzard has also added new options to the barber in the game, which means players can use more customization options to change the appearance after the character is created. After the pre-patch is released, players will be able to change the character's gender with the help of a barber, which was a paid service in the past. For those players who are exploring their gender and the gender of the game character, this is a great benefit, and this change keeps the gender of the character equal to other aspects of appearance.

For World of Warcraft, an MMORPG that has been in operation for more than 15 years, the expansion of Shadowlands is an important turning point. Blizzard needs to revitalize the game through some changes in this expansion, because players have been very dissatisfied with the game in the past period of time. So far, Blizzard is guiding the game in the right direction. And World of Warcraft Classic still maintains its appeal to nostalgic players. Players in WOW Classic need to collect a large amount of gold to purchase items they usually need, and the services of MMOWTS will satisfy players. In MMOWTS, players can easily save money because they offer the cheapest WOW Classic Gold.