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Live TV & Video StreamsLive TV & Video Streams


Live TV Video Streams

Create a mobile app from TV channels and live video streams Make an app with local tv news, tv channels with movies or series, educational streams, gaming live streams or any other video streaming content. You can create a Mobile TV app without coding!To get more news about moonlive, you can visit official website.

Create a TV Player app takes less than 5 minutes! To build a TV streaming app just add direct links to channels or streams, change the app design, name your app upload the icon. No coding or special skills required.

Publish your live TV Player apk right after making it. Get an instant access to the APK file and submit it to Google Play and other Android app stores. Build your mobile TV app and share it in a few minutes!

Live Video Streaming

TV Player app supports the live streaming of any videos. You can make an app with TV channels, gaming streams, movie streams, educational video streams, etc.

Categories for Videos Channels

Group TV channels and video streams in different categories. Split video and tv streams by country, genre, language, etc. One category can contain up to 20 streaming links.

App Monetization

Monetize your TV Player app and get a passive income. Join the Monetization program and show banner advertising in your app to earn money!

All Devices Support

TV Player app is based on VLC Player. It's compatible with all Android devices.