Get to Know the Health Benefits of Dried Fruits

Get to Know the Health Benefits of Dried Fruits



Dried fruit, often called nature’s candy, is a delicious and healthy treat that is well-loved by kids and adults alike. In its most basic unadulterated form, dried fruit is perfectly ripened fruit, picked at its peak, and dehydrated at low temperatures to remove most of the water content. Azure carries a wide variety of dried fruits, which are packed with nutrients and flavor.

How is Dried Fruit Made?

Dried fruit can be sun-dried with very basic equipment, but today most dried fruit is made in specialized dehydrators, such as heated wind tunnel dryers. You can also easily make your own dried fruit at home in the oven or with a dehydrator.

Dehydrating is a relatively simple, “low tech” way to preserve food without any added artificial preservatives, high heat or other inputs that alter the fruit’s nutritional profile.

But it’s not a new idea. Dried fruits have an age-old history that dates back to ancient Mesopotamia.

It is important, however, to realize that not all dried fruit is created equal. Some manufacturers of dried fruit use sulfur dioxide as an antioxidant to counteract oxidation that darkens the fruit and alters its flavor. However, sulfur dioxide is an unsafe additive for many sensitive individuals, in particular, the 1 percent of the population who have sulfa allergies and the additional 5 percent that suffers from asthma. Some dried fruit can also contain other unwanted additives such as added sugars, industrial oils, and food colorings. To ensure that you only eat the highest quality sulfite-free dried fruit, it is best to choose Certified Organic varieties.

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