World of Warcraft classic players are very dissatisfied with Blizzard for the content of Brewfest

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WoW Classic players were very happy about the Brewfest event, but Blizzard apparently lacked attention to TBC's poor Brewfest event, which made the players very dissatisfied.

Seasonal events in World of Warcraft should be interesting, limited-time events, where players can pick up rare items or loot. Brewfest does provide players with the opportunity to obtain the legendary Brewfest Ram, but the 2021 iteration did not go smoothly and was obviously shortened by Blizzard.

According to the official release when the update went live, Brewfest was originally scheduled to last until October 6th in The Burning Crusade Classic, but when players logged into World of Warcraft on October 4th, they found that the matter was clearly over.

In Vanilla and TBC, Brewfest was held for 14 days. In the subsequent expansion, the event was extended to 16 days. According to the original running time of the activity, it has ended in the Classic and TBC areas.

"Wow, a task on the tribe has been tapped for about three days, are they drunk?" One user on Reddit wanted to know, another user replied, "No, they just don't care."

To break it down, a few days before the Wine Festival, the task of collecting coins for special mounts was tapped, so players could not start saving money. Blizzard and other third-party websites report that the activity will continue until October 6. Therefore, when players log in on October 4th hoping to have a few more days to hone, they actually find that the event is over. As you might expect, many of them are not very happy.

However, do not log in to the Blizzard forum to share your thoughts for the time being, because the developers of World of Warcraft's retro server seem to have realized their mistakes and brought the incident back to the original time. According to blue text news on the official World of Warcraft forum Brewfest, as initially reported, Brewfest should be back online before 23:59 server time on October 5th.

It may not make up for the hours that the event cannot be carried out, but despite the failure of the schedule, players who have been working hard to grind coins should still be able to unlock Swift Brewfest Ram or Great Brewfest Kodo. If the player feels struggling in the game, he can spend a little TBC Classic Buy Gold to strengthen his equipment. If you don't have enough gold, you can go to a trusted professional sales website.

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