WoW Classic brings prefab groups back to the battlefield and improves matching and other new content

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World of Warcraft classic version of the burning expeditionary battlefield once again welcomes large prefab groups. The update allows grouped players to be matched with other similar-sized groups, and the matching tool will match raid groups of six or more players with teams of six or more players.

This should see things become fairer. Matchmakers will also fill smaller teams composed of individual players or smaller teams to make your team more competitive. It will also ensure that groups of five or fewer players that want to line up will also be matched with groups of five or fewer players. Therefore, if there is a population problem when you want to tear it up in a raid, you can still enter and participate without a serious imbalance. This should help groups and individuals get there faster and in a competitive environment that is somewhat realistic.

If you do line up alone or in a smaller party, this does not mean that you will not be matched with groups that are not pre-made, the changes that are now in effect usually just guarantee that the group sizes should be roughly equal. Of course, you should still be prepared and prepared accordingly, but the team and prefabrication on the classic battlefield should help population and cohesion, and still make room to balance the time of population decline and let everyone return to the spoils Hunting.

There are other updates to the game, In addition to letting the boss have no debuff restrictions, which forces the guild to pay great attention to the career they bring to the raid, Blizzard has also done many other things to make the mastery season feel more fun and classic.

In order to make up for the shortened game time, players will be able to level up faster. The experience gain of mastering the season will be comparable to TBC, significantly better than Classic 1 to 60. If the player feels struggling in the game, he can spend a little TBC Classic Buy Gold to strengthen his equipment. If you don't have enough gold, you can go to a trusted professional sales website.

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