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But what exactly is involved in the keto diet—and is it safe for everyone? (What if you hate diets?) Like many new and buzzy things, the info out there on keto is sometimes confusing and often contradictory.


Adamari Lopez Keto Strong - Vegetarians and vegans going keto could use tofu as a source of protein, but if you don’t have those restrictions, stick to meat, seafood, and eggs. (So sorry.) Although peanuts are high in fat, they’re also technically legumes and higher in carbohydrates than other nuts. They’re usually hotbeds of hidden sugar, trans fats, preservatives, and other very non-keto ingredients.

Other diet plans that have been promoted alongside the keto diet however, include high-protein and high-fibre diets which are similar to the keto diet as they require more or less of some nutrients. There are variations on the standard keto diet that are used by some athletes and bodybuilders. The cyclical ketogenic diet intersperses keto days with days when you up your carb intake, and the targeted ketogenic diet allows the addition of carbs around your workouts. These are not meant for the less serious athlete, but may be options for those who compete frequently.

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