Adhere To Safety Standards by Commercial Kitchen Extraction Cleaning

Adhere To Safety Standards by Commercial Kitchen Extraction Cleaning


Commercial kitchens need to comply with the hygiene standards set by The Health and Safety Act and Food Hygiene Act. The hygiene standards ensure that the staffs working in the kitchen and the customers are protected against health hazards. Commercial kitchen extraction cleaning ensures that the ducting, extractor fan, canopy and filters of the kitchen extraction system is free of grease and other deposits as required by the hygiene standards.

Fire hazard is another reason for commercial kitchens to require professional kitchen extraction cleaning. The Regulatory (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires commercial establishments to prevent fire risk by maintaining systems as per best safety standards. Grease and cooking oil deposits in the ducting and other parts of the kitchen extraction system increase fire risk in the commercial kitchen. Deep cleaning of the extraction system removes such deposits and ensures that the kitchen meets the fire safety obligations.

Scope of services

A professional company offering commercial kitchen extraction cleaning covers all kinds of commercial kitchens. These include kitchens of independent and chain restaurants, bars, pubs and hotels. Kitchens operating in schools, hospitals and other establishments are also covered by commercial kitchen extraction cleaning companies. Thus, regardless of the type of commercial kitchen you run, there is no problem in hiring the services of a commercial kitchen cleaning company.

Trained staff

Commercial kitchen extraction cleaning companies deploy cleaning staff trained in health and safety and other BESA approved courses. Trained staff ensures that deep cleaning carried out conforms to the national health and safety standards.

Convenient schedule

The commercial kitchen cleaning services do not interrupt the daily operations of the kitchens. The cleaning operations are carried out after business hours to avoid loss of working hours. The schedule can also be adjusted as per the convenience of the client.


Kitchen deep cleaning services also offer maintenance to avoid the build-up of grease and other deposits in the kitchen extraction systems and maintain them in the best safety standards. The maintenance schedule is drawn up as per the load on the kitchen extraction system and the grease level produced everyday. The maintenance contract can be on monthly or annual basis.


What are the benefits?

TR/19 certificate issued by the kitchen extraction cleaning service after completing the process satisfies both the insurer and the authorities about the health and safety standards of the commercial kitchen. The owner of the commercial kitchen is also freed from the risk of prosecution under fire safety act.


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