Roblox has fallen more than two days before the bewilderment of his more than 40 million players daily

The company has confirmed that you have identified the root and are working on the solution to be online again. ROBLOX is one of the great phenomena of the industry, the video game creation platform for all audiences.


Greatest Hits III is the 1999 published fifth compilation album of the British Rockband Queen. It contains major songs of queen, but also solo projects of group members. In addition to original studio recordings, remixes and live recordings from those two concerts to Freddie Mercury s death, in which the remaining trio had occurred with hostists. The album was published under the name Queen +, with the plus attached to the band name, both on the host interpreters and the solo singles.

ROBLOX is one of the large phenomena of the industry, the platform for video game creation for all audiences has managed to generate 454 million dollars during the second quarter of this year, demonstrating great growth compared to last year And it already has more than 3,000 million registered accounts.


The problems began on October 28 The platform has been able to combine creativity with today, where it is usual to meet viral phenomena games or reinterpretations of other successful titles. Roblox already adds a few figures from amazing players, with more than 40 million daily users, however, as it collects The Vise, the platform began to have problems around 7 p.m. ET of October 28.

Since then, the service has experienced apparent internal problems and have been communicating the scarce updates through your Twitter account. Today, the company has shared having identified the causes of the problem and the solution, and have communicated that they would continue to inform over the day.

The platform confirmed The Verge that the problems did not have to do with an external intrusion. Before the suspicions that the interruption could have to do with their last promotion within the Halloween event, Roblox has also confirmed that it is not related to any specific association or event. From Roblox they have communicated that they are in the process of making the necessary works so that it will restore, although it is surprising that a platform that mobilizes so many players can become fall so much time.

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