Garrosh's training and upbringing Sure, Garadar started

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He was able to completely lose his final fight with Thrall. He was WOW TBC Gold losing his duel with Varian as well as his duel with Cairne. He was defeated in the first bout and was eventually cut short, but he did win the second battle unfairly.

They fought three times and were stopped by the third time. Varian is victorious in Wolfheart because he has endless stamina and has the blessing of Lo'Gash. In their subsequent fights in the tides of War and they're more evenly matched.

He was an Mary Sue from the beginning. He was a much better fighter than Orgrim Doomhammer, and was a prodigy at the shamanistic arts.

Garrosh did not take part in the Cataclysms wars, he led the invasion of Twilight Highlands and beat a dragon to death as he did it. The speculations started to develop in MoP I was sure that Garrosh was a fake that was created by the Twilight Hammer. He was missing.

I have always been annoyed that they didn't realize that Thrall was an athlete from the beginning. However, I enjoy his shamanistic, witty nature. The way he conducts himself hasn't been combat-like since WotLK.

I agree. It's a problem in Garrosh's portrayal as his char. Garrosh is said to be an incredible warrior, but in books like the shattering , all you can say is that his dad was aswell. It's not shown. If it weren't the fraud, he'd lose to Cairne. Let's face it, Thrall could have taken off Cairne at that time. Garrosh is a great warrior. But, based on your arguments, how much better could the guy be? Not as good as green jesus

Thrall's upbringing and training. Thrall didn't have the opportunity to experience real, actual combat for about ten years by the time we arrive at this point. He led the revolt against the prison camps, formed the modern Horde after which he slipped into a leadership position, and later shifted into a primarily shamanistic role. Sure - he has some muscles that are extremely strong, and may have had some sparring sessions in periodically and occasionally took an excursion on the PC however, you take an extended break from your job and take a beating. It's likely that he's a skilled fighter, however, maybe not enough to be able to face an equally skilled or superior warrior.

Garrosh's training and upbringing Sure, Garadar started as a pox-stricken camp. It later evolved into the refugee camp for Maghar and other orcs fleeing from the old Horde. However, this wasn't the case always. While he had a tendency to be sick as a youngster, he was not always so. Garrosh along with other young orcs need to be taught and coached by the older orcs. Garrosh, I believe, was the top Garadar orc combat-wise early on. His apathy or lack of energy, however, is something that is quite new to me. Garrosh is also described in the novels as one who battles with Kor'kron daily. His fights in the duel against Cairne are described as powerful and skilled, however his youth was obscured and his confidence was damaged because of Cairne's decades of experience. Saurfang also said that he was a great warrior, having few rivals when it came to fighting but his leadership was not always clear and he often didn't get the big picture because he was too used to the close-up and close-up view. The same is true of buy Burning Crusade Classic Gold his innate, genetic predisposition to be a fierce warrior (he came from the Warsong clan after all). The point I'm making is that Garrosh is an excellent warriorwith just the slightest of weaknesses.