I'll be lvling up until i can make laws, and then bloods

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Hey, I'm always glad to clarify any posts. I've been playing for OSRS Items a while, and currently have 83 combat. We all know the requirements for a cape. I'm in need of some requirements for combat. I still require 60 range and 66% mage. I also need 50 prayers, and 65 defense and the most important factor that will make it all fall is the 59 Slayer. I must have at minimum 85 combat (which is the lowest level for quest capes) and 59 slayer.

These are my current skills in combat. They should still meet the requirement however they should have a minimum of 85-87 combat, and the slayer age of 59. On my slayer jobs I might employ range or magic. This is one option. Are there any other suggestions? In the meantime I have earned 200 quest points. Edit! I forgot to note the 36 slayers.

Well, im kind of tight on money and i would like to buy a set of verac. I have 2.6m left after I sold everything I own. Verac's current level is 3.4-3.5. Then I thought about runningecrafting. It's a skill that can be useful, and looks good. Money.

These are my concerns: What's my money-making scheme I'll purchase Ess in its purest form for around 170-180 GBP (price check?). Craft nats and then sell 300gp per each. I make approximately 120k-130k for each 1k ess. Are my prices right?

I'll be lvling up until i can make laws, and then bloods. Are the RC gloves worth the cost? Are they worth the cost given the amount of Buy RuneScape Gold recharging needed? If everything goes as planned and the ess price stays lower than rune and you can keep it until 99? Continue to earn money until I am able to afford a Gs/Barrow.