How to Clean & Maintain Your Bathroom Vanity Unit

How to Clean & Maintain Your Bathroom Vanity Unit


So you have finally installed the bathroom vanity units Perth you have been eyeing for a while now, and it looks staggering amidst your bathroom's theme. However, to keep the beauty alive, you also need to clean and maintain the vanity unit on time.


If you are a new homeowner, you will probably require a little help with understanding the cleaning needs of vanity units. So today, we will cover how you should clean and maintain your bathroom vanity unit like a pro.


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How to Maintain and Clean Your Bathroom Vanity Unit

Just like the other accessories in your bathroom, bathroom vanity units Perth also requires a scheduled maintenance and cleaning session once in a while. Here is a comprehensive guide that will help you understand how exactly you should maintain it.


1. Protection against Moisture

Before we dive into the deep cleaning routines, let's talk about regular clean up. Every reputed manufacturer seals the vanity unit surfaces to prevent moisture from seeping into the inner layers and weakening the countertop. 


However, despite the sealing, bathroom vanity units are not waterproof. Since they are installed within your bathroom, it's natural that everyday activities and showers will get it wet every now and then, but you have to be careful not letting the water sit on the countertop for long. Always keep a towel ready to wipe off water puddles from your vanity units to enhance their life.


2.  Choosing a Mild Cleaner

On your scheduled maintenance sessions, you will first have to clean the countertop surface with a cleaner. When choosing a cleaner, always go for the mild ones.


Regardless of the material of the countertop, a harsh cleaner will severely damage the top layer and even strip off the sealing provided by the manufacturer. This will leave your vanity unit countertop exposed and vulnerable to damage. 


A mild cleaner does the same job of removing dirt and stains without eroding the top layer. You can also make a DIY solution with a mild detergent and water to clean the countertops.


3.  Polish Frequently

No matter how well you clean your vanity units, the only thing that will keep the colour alive is periodic polishing. For example, if you have a wooden vanity unit with silver tapware Perth, use a little wooden polish and a soft cloth and rub it on the unit till the polish blends uniformly. Repeat the same for the tapware with silver polish.


When it comes to polishing, it's best to stick to the manufacturer’s guidelines and use the products they recommend. Along with polishing, dust the vanity unit now and then to prevent layers of dirt from settling in and fading the colour.


4. Use a Soft Cloth and Brush to Clean

If you or someone who loves to have their bathroom spotless all the time, then cleaning vigorously with a strong brush or cloth might be very appealing to you. However, hard brushes can leave permanent marks on delicate surfaces,  especially natural stone or laminate countertops. 


On the other hand, if you use a soft brush or cloth,  it will clean better and do so without leaving any scratches.


5. Reseal the Countertop Every Year

Despite regular clean up and maintenance, the sealing of your vanity unit is bound to wear off with time. That's why you need to reseal the surface every year. 


A compact sealing will preserve the natural texture of the surface material, prevent the dust or stains from seeping into the inner layers and restore the natural strength of the countertopbathroom basins Perth. For new homeowners, it is always recommended to hire an expert for resealing.


6. Keep the Tap Sediment-free

The above-mentioned cleaning hacks will be enough to take care of your vanity unit’s countertop, bathroom mirrors and cabinets. However, a vanity unit also consists of faucets, bathroom basins Perth that require equal attention. 


To maintain proper water pressure and keep the system up and running, you need to keep the water lines unclogged and sediment-free. The easiest way to do this is to install a water filter that removes excess mineral concentration. Also, make sure you immediately check your drainage pipes and faucet at the slightest dip in water pressure.


Final Thoughts

Whether it's a free-standing vanity unit, wall hung vanity unit or even a powder room vanity unit; vanity units are an expensive investment. Thankfully, maintaining a bathroom vanity unit is relatively simple. All that you have to do is follow the tips mentioned above and be consistent in your efforts to keep up the aesthetics of your bathroom for years.