Is it possible that Runescape is experiencing a dip in popularity

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This task would be easy enough, or will it be challenging? If you're saying that the scimmy is more effective, then I don't know what to do. I urgently need your assistance. Please post any additional information OSRS Accounts. Any information regarding dagganoths will be greatly appreciated. I've never had any prior experience with fighting these creatures...

In the coming months do steel bars continue to be a viable source of income or are they dipping in value? Because of the 3k trade limit, I thought that I could mine the iron, then buying the coal from G.E, smelt it, and then sell it to G.E. Could this be possible?

Third I've got 3k and 1.5k coal and iron in my savings account. Should they be sold as quickly as feasible? Or should I keep them for a while? It's difficult to say, but my feeling is that steel bars are a decent way to make money. It's unlikely that you'll get 600gp for a bar, because both coal and iron ore prices dropped, but you would still make profit.

Reasons behind my reasoning are that prices for iron ore and coke are stable and will not decline further. Because bots are out of the game, less people will mine iron ore and coal Buy RS Gold. Prices could increase little from the current 75/160. Cannonballs fell to their lowest level about a week ago, but they are increasing.