What is the best way to earn coins in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team?

What is the best way to earn coins in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team?


As we all know, getting more FIFA 22 Coins in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is one of the main goals of many players. Squad Building Challenges (SBC) is a great way to get backpacks and non-tradable players without spending money in FUT. Every night at 6pm GMT, a new SBC will be released, and many people will try to solve these problems as soon as possible to get rewards.

For a long time, predicting which players the SBC might need has been a trading strategy. Some people invest in the most likely participants of these players, hoping that once the SBC is released, their FUT Coins prices will rise. Since this has proven to be a popular way of making coins, it is not as effective as it used to be, but it is still profitable with the right investment.

A smarter strategy in FIFA 22 is to use FUTBIN's SBC solution to trade popular players. These solutions are listed in the SBC section at the cheapest price, but usually the cost of the top solutions will be a bit more expensive than some lower solutions, because people will automatically click on the option and buy these players, even if the price is higher than the FUTBIN listed above Price.

New promotions are usually released on Friday at 6pm GMT, and the weekly team stuck at 6pm GMT every Wednesday. Many people save their bags during this time to open them, hoping they can get some special cards. Special cards are usually sold at the highest price as soon as they are packaged and released.

Large-scale promotions will also release promotional packages every hour on the night of the FIFA 22 Coins promotion. Within 10 to 20 minutes after the release of these packages, the price of ordinary cards will be at the lowest level, and huge profits can be obtained, especially if players buy through regular bids instead of using immediate purchases. Once the promotional package is sold or no longer listed, the price will rise again, and you can sell the players you invested in for profit.

In addition to this, special deals are a common practice in the FIFA trading community because it is usually less risky, but if you are willing to make mid- to long-term investments, it can be very profitable. There is a simpler way to buy FIFA 22 Coins from UTnice, they provide very cheap prices, the fastest delivery speed and perfect after-sales service.