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EA SPORTS have changed Ground Passes, Lob Passes, as well as Lobbed through Passes more flexible in FIFA 22.They are now able to FUT 22 Coins better reflect what's happening during the game, including the position of teammates and opponents, their spacing, and more.Animation Refresh Animations for passing have been added, and the existing ones have been refined to ensure more consistency.

Ground Passes: The ground targeting system has been redesigned to enable better targeting and space awareness.Lob Passes as well as Lobbed Through Pass: These passes are now more uniform in the height, trajectory, leading and gaming.

Semi-Assisted Through Passes: Semi assisted Through Passes provide more support for simple and close passes and less support for long and challenging passes. More difficult, and the more extensive the pass, the more precise the goal of the player and power input needs to be.

Pass Transitions: Increased response to enable better transitions between various passes. Also players are now able to make different kinds of passes midway through the pass request. The system will attempt to make the request in the opposite direction this can be helpful when responding to abrupt changes.Through the Pass Receiver System The system has been revamped to make it more efficient and compatible with pass targeting and receiver selection.

Receiver Awareness: Teammates will be able to recognize when they are in the right position to get the pass.Through and Lobbed Through Passes' quality is based on the player's Vision attribute, not short or long passing attributes.Ground as well as Lobpasses will be based upon Short or Long Passing attributes.The Crossing attribute will make Driven Crosses and Driven Ground Crosses faster.The player's speed while requesting the pass will now affect the effort required to cheap FIFA 22 Coins complete that pass.