A new version to meet the needs of players

A new version to meet the needs of players


The path of exile expansion-Delirium, added corrupt jewelry and new skills, and set a new set of tasks in the mirror. The added function has been officially launched, which can provide players with greater challenges. If you want to learn about the new version of POE Currency Delirium, please see the full patch notes.

In the new version, if players want to gain new power, they can try to find seven new gems, There's Kinetic Bolt, which fires a wand attack and Blade Blast, which detonates a blade at your location. It can increase your spell arsenal and make it strong.

Delirium Challenge League- Jump into the Mirror of Delirium and experience a whole new set of challenges. As you gradually approach the center of the dungeon, you can not only meet new and old monsters, but also get more exciting battles.Cluster Jewels, which are exclusive to Delirium, may drop from enemies and can grant new passive abilities when socketed. You may also find Delirium Orbs, which coat the map in a mist, and Delirium Splinters which grant access to the Simulacrum.

New Unique Items- 16 Unique Items have been added like the Perfidy Glorious Plate and the Augor Mortis Carnal Mitts. These armor can provide unique construction opportunities, coupled with new gems, you can create a new game mode, so as to better get the game experience.

UI Changes- Elemental effects like shocking or burning on the ground now look better. There are also more spectred monsters as well as backend changes that should make the game run smoother on PC.

The old version can not always meet the needs of players, so Grinding Gear Games company continues to create new versions. This new patch is not intended for new players, but more challenging for older players. The new version of POE Trade the Path of Exile is still being created. I hope to do better and better and continue to meet the needs of players.