Survival Horror School Game

This game is the best survival horror game I have ever played! Plus the cooperative feature so that I can play with friends and also my brother.


There aren't many games on happy wheels that can elicit such a strong reaction. Where others have failed, this one triumph. It keeps you guessing till the very end.

In this Horror game, you will be terrified, regardless of how comfortable you are with the mechanics. The design's brilliance rests in the fact that nothing feels forced or contrived. In quest of prey, the monster roams the rooms and the surrounding environs at random.
It's your responsibility if you chance to run upon it while seeking for quest goods. If you want to survive, look around corners, listen for footsteps, and make no noise.

The places and buildings we see during the day change dramatically at night, when they are engulfed in darkness. A gym or a library, for example, is transformed into a horror house. If you're still not convinced, just one Surze game online will persuade you. The classes are being terrorized by a terrible monster.

Horror Controls:

Press W, A, S, and D to move. Look around using the mouse.
Hold Ctrl to sneak silently and Shift to quickly run away from the beast.