5 important and tiny details in the new vision of animal crossing

If you don't know the game Animal Crossing New Horizons, then you must have a long lag in the news. This opening tip is worth watching.



If you don't know the game Animal Crossing New Horizons, then you must have a long lag in the news. This opening tip is worth watching.


Q1 role selection

At the beginning of the game, two Nooks will welcome players at the formalities counter to check in to the island. The following is a series of player personal information logins. It should be noted here that the player can choose skin color and hairstyle. Players who are in a hurry quickly enter the game and ignore thinking choices. Once you enter the game normally, the player's role will be fixed. Therefore, it is crucial to stop at this point.


Q2 Choose a suitable place of residence

After officially entering the game, the player will receive a tent according to Nook's guidance. This tent is the basis for later upgrades to a house. When I first entered the island, because I was not familiar with the island's map, I would randomly find an open space to set up a tent. Only after setting up the tent can you proceed to the next step. But it should be noted here that there is no time limit before finding a suitable location, and players do not need to worry about the length of time it takes. So players must find land they like. The relocation of houses in the later period requires a large amount of bells fees.


Q3 backpack extension

The backpack is full of 4 rows. Each row has 10 vacancies. Players who have accumulated a certain amount of wealth can go to the multimedia terminal of Nook Inc to upgrade their backpacks. Backpacks can also be sorted and sorted. Long press A to move items and sort items. The backpack moves with the movement of the player. Things can be placed in the open space of the island. The types of objects that animals cross are very rich. To collect enough beautiful objects to decorate my island, I need enough bells. To save time, I usually choose Buy Animal Crossing NMT. Therefore, my backpack is usually full. If you really can't put it down, you can just place it in an open place, decorate it here, and pile it up in the open area. It is best to remember the location of the lost item so that it is easy to find.


Q4 Vaulting pole and Ladder

Vaulting poles and Ladder are standing items for backpacks. To successfully make a Ladder, you need to collect wood*4, hardwood*4, softwood*4. The ladder can climb high ground without a ramp. It is a very useful item. Softwood*5 is required to make a Vaulting pole. The Vaulting pole can cross the river without a bridge. I like these two tools. These two tools can help me see higher and more beautiful scenery.


Q5 Plant a gold coin tree

If you find a glowing hole on the island. Use a shovel to dig out the bells. Generally 1000 bells. The bells obtained can be used to purchase beautiful clothes and other items. Open the backpack and choose 1000bells to plant the money. After the tree grows, you can get a real cash cow. Note that when planting gold coins, the planting number 1000 bells is the number that has been tested to obtain the highest profit. If the holes dug out for gold coins are buried in the landfill, then you will lose a chance to get a cash cow. Be cautious. Experienced players know the importance of bells in the game. Simple tasks cannot meet my needs. I will choose the willful ACBellsBuy.com and choose Buy Nook Miles. I enjoy every pleasant shopping experience.