Do you know about Sonny Resetti returning to Animal Crossing 2.0?

Mr. Resetti is back in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 update. This time he was no longer as harsh as before.


Mr. Resetti is back in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 update. This time he was no longer as harsh as before.

Animal Crossing is one of Nintendo's most successful games. The updated ACNH introduces more customization and design options. There are many NPC characters in Animal Crossing. Although Animal Crossing is a very gentle game, some characters are easier to get angry, such as Sonny Resetti. Sonny Resetti is a very grumpy mole in Animal Crossing. Mr. Resetti broke the calm discussion of Animal Crossing, and Resetti is known for his harsh comments on ACNH players.

Mr. Resetti has a long brown nose, a beard, thick eyebrows, and his eyes are almost always closed or squinted. When you are angry, your mouth is big and square, and you can't open your eyes. He was wearing a white shirt, a yellow helmet with green stripes, and a flashlight attached to his head. Mr. Resetti is also a frequent visitor of the cafe. Players can go to Buy Animal Crossing NMT and then meet Mr. Resetti by chance. Players can also use bells to buy fruits for Mr. Resetti.

According to the terrible memories shared by Internet users about Mr. Resetti: If the player forgets to save the game, Mr. Resetti will prompt the user. If you think it's just a few simple comments, then you are at the bottom, Mr. Resetti, and he will scold you for a long time. This is the roar that belongs to Mr. Resetti.

Although Mr. Resetti was grumpy, he was not harsh at first. As the number of player remakes increases, Mr. Resetti will become more grumpy. In the new version of the game, Resetti seems to be more able to accept the concept of the reset button. He will still lose his temper. but will soon apologize for impulsiveness. Overall, he is much calmer than previous generations. Selected on the Amazon website will also specifically sell character models about Resetti, and the performance is also good. So we players will not dislike this character because of Mr. Resetti's terrible temper.

New Horizons players often criticize the villagers and NPCs of the game for lack of personality compared with the previous part. But the return of Resetti this time broke the player's outdated view of animals crossing new horizons. Whatever the reason, we are happy that Resetti has returned in some way, and we are happy that he seems to have controlled his anger over the years.

The latest large-scale upgrade of Animal Crossing New Horizons was version 2.0 in November. The 2.0 version upgrade brings a lot of novel content to players, such as the approaching Christmas. For the upcoming holiday, I have selected Buy Nook Miles from to fill my bells account. Now my bells account and backpack are ready for the coming Christmas. Let us prepare together!