Find the easiest way to earn Nook Miles tickets on ACBellsBuy

One of the ways to show wealth in Animal Crossing is to spread Nook Miles tickets all over the island. One way to showcase wealth in Animal Crossing is to spread Nook Miles tickets across the island. In fact, the way to get Nook Miles tickets is very simple.


Extracted from GAMERANT data, our players have more than ten ways to get Nook Miles tickets. In addition to selling items to Nook's Cranny, completing island upgrades, and creating a novel island, there are other ways that most players don't know.



1. Participate in island activities and competitions

Always pay attention to island activities. These include Bug Off, fishing tournaments, and even KK Slider's weekly concerts. Participating in and winning these activities can provide players with Nook Miles. The Nook Miles obtained can be consumed as you like.


Fishing Tourney



2. Nook Stop sign in

There is a terminal in the Resident Service Center. By interacting with the Nook Stop terminal, players can also get Nook Miles every day. On the first day, players will be rewarded with 50 Nook Miles. For the seventh day in a row, players get 300 Nook Miles from Nook Stop. In addition, players can earn 300 Nook Miles every day after visiting Nook Stop for the seventh time. And Nook Stop also provides deposit and withdrawal services. For example, I can deposit Buy Animal Crossing Gold into the ABD machine.


Nook Stop



3. Visit friends once a day

Since the game supports multiplayer online functions, players can visit friends' islands through the Dodo code. Players will earn some Nook Miles after visiting friends for the first time on any day. This means that the group of friends can arrange to visit each other once a day to accumulate enough points for NMT.



4. Join an interest group

There is no direct reminder of interest group activities on the island. However, the event organizer will provide participants with lottery promotions or various activities that invite others in exchange for prizes. In addition, some event organizers will ask NMT to let other players participate in the things they create. Interest groups can promote items for sale and DY recipes. In this way, more interested friends can come to participate in the activity.


talk to NPC



5. Interact with rare NPCs

Players who go to the island every day will be very familiar with the pleasant NPC lineup that they can interact with. For example, Isabelle and Tom Nook help players manage their islands, while Blathers manages the museum. In addition, KK Slider regularly visits the island on Saturdays. Interestingly, players can also encounter special NPCs based on specific situations, such as Celeste and Saharah, both of which sell rare items and recipes.



In short, there are many ways to get Nook Miles tickets. But this article introduces a way that most players can easily overlook. Accumulating Nook Miles tickets is a long process. If you want to get ACNH Gold the fastest, come to, 6000 Nook Miles Tickets are only sold for 14.4$. If you need other items, add a shopping cart and enjoy 15% off. Activity time is limited, so act quickly.