How to find giant turkey in New World

How to find giant turkey in New World


The giant turkey raid boss is a way for Amazon to bring interesting new content to the New World. This is the first luck-based food that Amazon has launched in the game. When killed, Turkulon will drop a "Monstrous Turkey Leg", which can be used to make the "Monstrous Turkey Dinner" recipe.

This kind of food can increase the player's physique and luck within 40 minutes, thereby increasing the chances of running treasure chests and dungeons. However, Turkulon can only drop 6 turkey legs each time it is killed, so players need to find it quickly and cause a lot of damage. For New World fans who want to hunt these turkeys quickly, here are the currently known Turkulon spawning locations.

Brightwood is one of the first areas where players can find giant turkey on the New World map. These two spawn locations are located in the New World Coins center of Brightwood, east of Wolfbough and the southeast corner of Bronzegrove. In Mourningdale, Turkey can appear in the center of the map, north of the Stone Witness, or south of the flood plain area.

On Restless Shore, Turkulon can be found in the shaded plains and Shiresad beaches in the northern part of the area. In Everfall, Turkey can appear in the east, just above Valle Tempus, or in the west of Emberwood. In First Light, Turkulon can appear in the east of Elder Cliff, or in the north of Millberry Hills.

On the Monarch Cliff, Turkulon has three possible locations. The first location is Corsair's Rise in the northern part of the area. The second location is to the east of Moonshade, and the last location is to the southeast corner of Riverset. In addition, players can Buy New World Coins on the market from NewWorldCoins to make themselves stronger.