How to get all Golden Tools in ACNH?

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Golden Tool includes Golden Axe, Golden Bug Net, Golden, Fishing Rod, Golden Shovel, and Golden Slingshot. Although Golden Tools is not as fragile as Flimsy Tools, Golden Tool also has the maximum service life. According to reports from some members of the community, the service life of the Golden Tool can be used up to 200 times. The best way to get Golden Tool Set is from Buy Nook Miles Tickets from ACbellsBuy.



Golden Tool unlock conditions

Golden Axe: Break 100 axes in total

Golden Shovel: Help Gulliver 30 times

Golden Slingshot: Break 300 balloons in total

Golden Watering Can: Increase Island Star Rating to 5 stars

Golden Bug Net: Catch all the bugs and complete Critterpedia

Golden Fishing Rod: Catch all the fish and complete Critterpedia

Golden Tool Set


Golden Tool synthetic material

Golden Axe: Gold Nugget*1, Axe*1

Golden Shovel: Gold Nugget*1, Shovel*1

Golden Bug Net: Gold Nugget*1, Bug Net*1

Golden Slingshot: Gold Nugget*1, Slingshot*1

Golden Fishing Rod: Gold Nugget*1, Fishing Rod*1

Golden Watering Can: Gold Nugget*1, Watering Can*1



The golden tool is an upgraded version of the common tool. Therefore, from the perspective of service life, it is recommended that players have a golden version of each tool. If you need a full set of golden tools, in terms of frequency of use, it is recommended to make Golden Net and Golden Fishing Rod first, followed by Golden Axe and Golden Shovel. Finally, Golden Watering Can and Golden Slingshot. Flimsy Tools can also be obtained through the Animal Crossing Gold transaction through Nook's Cranny.



The golden tools are all made through DIY. If you want to have a personal workstation, then you need to work hard to earn Animal Crossing Bells. Every DIY recipe requires a lot of material time and production process. ACBellsBuy can help players easily obtain a full set of Golden Tool Set. In addition, ACNH Bells, ACNH Items, and Buy ACNH Nook Miles Tickets are all available at ACBellsBuy.