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There are various sayings about this issue. There are two years to say, five years to say, and one to say that as long as there is no problem, you can Do not go to wash the oil straight down. I think the specific problem still needs to be analyzed in detail. First of all, when the watch is worn, there will definitely be a grinding. Loss, the oil will also deteriorate and dry, so once the wear is intensified, the watch wheel train will be blocked, which will immediately affect the accuracy of travel time.And the function is normal.So how long does it take for the watch to wear oil? It is Luxury Watches Manufacturer determined by several factors:

1. The sealing problem of the watch. As long as the case is tightly sealed, there will be no foreign matter such as gas, moisture, dust, fiber, etc., so that the watch oil will not easily deteriorate and volatilize, the movement will not easily rust, and the gear and the machine are not easy to be slid. Tiny impurities appear, and the movement is relatively "clean".

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2. The degree of wear of the watches (degree of wear). If the same watch is always worn every day, the wear of the machine will be large under frequent use. Conversely, if the watch is basically left unattended, the wear of the machine will be small. I have had many watches, and I have been on hold for 15 years. I have just tested it and several of them are still qualified. The swing is quite high, and it is also very special when walking.

3. Quartz watches can extend the oil wash cycle.

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Why do you say that? That is because the Luxury Watches Factory watch wears very little, it is not winding and rarely needles, and the transmission torque is also very small. Once the watch is faulty, it will be reflected immediately (such as stopping or stopping), so it can be Do not wash oil without failure.

4. Men's watches or pocket watches can be relatively thin or female watch wash cycle is long. "Sludge" has a smaller impact on watches with a relatively large size than a relatively small watch, while a thin or female watch has a shorter wash cycle, and even some watches have to be cleaned at least once in two years.

5. And the material used in the watch parts, technology and lubricants. The material used in the watch mechanism includes some key parts, such as the escape wheel and the pallet fork. It is better to use steel and the work surface is polished. It uses a special oil retaining device (such as a cover eye with a drill, a watch). The movement has a larger number of drills) and the oil-proof diffusion treatment (such as stearic acid treatment) is definitely better than not doing it. Swiss Mao Bishen oil should be the best watch oil. The Swiss owner of the ENICAR watch factory in the early years once said that my watch does not need to wash oil for at least 5 years, because my watch uses Maofuxin NEW9010 oil (Ya Lan Colored With the addition of this oil, the swing of the watch can be increased by an average of 20 degrees. Together with their patented STOP-OIL oil-proof diffusion treatment technology, the oil wash cycle can be greatly extended, but he also talks about it. Once the ENICAR watch has been washed in China in China, it will take another two years to wash the oil.

6. Expensive watches need to be careful to wash oil. You must know that the watch is basically not worn out but is repaired. The expensive watch needs to choose the designated specialty store, according to The standards of Swiss Watch Factory (disassembly, testing and refueling) are maintained.

7. Watches that do not maintain oil maintenance for a long time.

It may be found that the parts have been worn and damaged once the oil is washed. In short, the wash oil of the watch is the same as the human body, once you find it.

The worse it gets, the better it will be from the last time it was washed to the present. Consider whether the table needs cleaning, and a good one watch repair is the key to ensuring and extending the normal use of your watch.