Modern Present Silver City Rawalpindi Properties

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One of two biggest construction companies with their headquarters at Silver City Rawalpindi are Laaraib Associate Developers and SAREMCO Group. Silver City Housing Society is an approved housing association , as established by as per the RDA. One of the main reasons for choosing Silver City is the fact it is situated in close proximity to the New Islamabad International Airport. Silver City was created during the Christmas season Christmas to form an organization that could provide affordable housing for those living who are middle class and also to promote sustainable living.


Silver City Housing Scheme Rawalpindi Location:


Official Website Official Website for the Silver City Housing Scheme Rawalpindi. Silver City Housing Scheme Rawalpindi. Silver City Housing Scheme Rawalpindi is situated in Girja Road, Rawalpindi only 100m from its Thalian Interchange. Silver City Maps suggest that it's easy to reach and is the ideal location to build houses for inhabitants of Rawalpindi.


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