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During the beta period during the beta period, we were able to Lineage 2M Diamonds be part of the fun by confronting a boss creature known as Queen Ant which is a resident of, er, inhabited The Ant Nest in the Gludio. Let's say she wasn't going to be seen chasing us after we and hundreds of other beta players cut her down to size and picked up some loot.

Lineage 2M has a strong story

The storyline in Lineage 2M is pretty straightforward. The game begins with a lengthy cutscene showing an epic battle between castles. As the story goes, there is a very evil and powerful villain called Etis who's caused a lot of death and destruction all over the world. It's up to a relatively tiny resistance to stop him But they have an ace up their sleeve: you. Your character is the one called "The Inheritor" as you've been gifted an innate power from Einhasad the god of gods, which can block Etis. Now, it's your responsibility to educate yourself, tap into your inheritance power, and take on Etis and his minions.

There are different races and character types you can choose from

When it comes time to select your character, you will have plenty of options to choose from. There are five different character races to choose from which include human, elf orc, dark elf and dwarf. Each one of those races can be divided into various character types each of which has distinct strengths and weaknesses.

Humans and elves have the same type of character such as warrior, knight raider, archer, cleric and cheapest Lineage 2M Diamonds wizard. Dark elves are the same except they do not have the knight.