Who are the Best Animal Crossing Villagers in ACNH Items?

Animal Crossing has a lot of villagers, but I think Molly is the cutest.


Molly is a female duck in Animal Crossing Village. Her birthday is March 7, Pisces. Molly is brown overall. Molly has black eyes, a golden beak, and orange feet. If you look closely, you'll notice that she also has large patches of pink blush on her face. very cute.  Molly's feet are really big and cute. To welcome the Molly villagers to my island, I also purchased Molly's poster specifically.


Duck Molly


Molly will initially wear a cute lime green dress. The whole looks very soft. Molly has a friendly personality. But if the other villagers want to find fault, Molly will also lose his temper. ABLE SISTER SHOP has new clothes on the shelves every day. If you're lucky, you might find the same dress as Molly. All apparel at ABLE SISTER SHOP requires ACNH Bells settlement. Choosing Buy Cheap ACNH Items is the foundation for your happy life.


If you want to invite Molly to your island, you need to meet the following conditions:


Campsite Invitation Requirements


Molly is also an intellectual villager who loves to read. When you meet ACNH Villagers Molly, chances are she's researching books on flowers, bugs, fish, or fossils. Nook's Cranny Shop shelves will also sell a variety of household items. Things like rose seeds, cherries, or slingshots. The basic tools needed for island living, and if you're after quality, can be found in our ACNH Items program.



two beautiful dresses


Molly's favorite outfit is official. The most hated clothing is sporty. So, when you want to give her a gift, don't choose running clothes. This will make her very unhappy. ACBellsBuy.com offers over 1000 ACNH Villagers apparel. The ACNH Villager List can also be easily found. Choose appropriate clothing or put ACNH Items into the backpack, and you can interact with the villagers when you meet the villagers you like. As an experienced Animal Crossing New Horizons trading site, we offer any service on All Animal Crossing Villagers, as well as ACNH Bells, Buy ACNH Island Designs, and ACNH Buy Items. Sufficient supply, guaranteed authenticity, 24/7 at your service.