iPROTEC Twyst Flashlight

iPROTEC Twyst FlashlightiPROTEC Twyst Flashlight


iPROTEC Twyst Flashlight

Faster at changing forms than a politician, more powerful than a miniature spotlight, able to light large areas with a single twist—the iPROTEC® Twyst Flashlight stands out as the superhero of flashlights. You'll marvel at the versatility of a 250-lumen lantern, 110-lumen work light, and 3,400-lux LED flashlight in a single, compact housing. Made of anodized aircraft-grade aluminum, the iPROTEC Twyst delivers a blinding flashlight; an exceptional work light for sudden tasks under the hood, in the boat, or in the shop or garage; and a path-lighting lantern for hikes, around camp, or in emergencies. Retractable base stabilizers and a highly magnetic give this innovative flashlight sturdy hold on the ground, the hood, or against any surface, for reliable work lighting wherever you go. The fully dimmable beam allows just the lighting you need for the task at hand. Impact-resistant. Tactical edge. Expandable base in lantern mode. Not even kryptonite can stop this combo light.Get more news about Twyst Flashlights,you can vist our website!
Manufacturer model #: 6301.

3,400-lux LED flashlight
250-lumen lantern
110-lumen work light
Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum
Fully dimmable beam
Retractable base stabilizers for sturdy placement
Expandable base in lantern mode
Powerful magnetic base for hands-free use