Bathroom mirrors and bathroom style matching

Which material is better for the bathroom mirror?



Which material is better for the bathroom mirror?

1. Flat mirror

The flat mirror is to directly stick the mirror on the tile after the tiles in the bathroom are attached, or hit four nails on the tile, and then fix the flat mirror in the middle of the nails. The price of flat mirrors is lower than other mirrors, but the degree of fragmentation is extremely high.

2. Decorative mirror

Decorative mirror refers to adding decoration to the upper corners of the mirror to highlight the decorative effect. Some decorative mirrors will be round or square, with a switch light on it. The sandstone mirror is currently the most popular bathroom mirror.

3. Cabinet mirror

Cabinet mirror refers to the mirror installed in the middle of the cabinet. There are two types of wood and stainless steel pvc. The wooden mirror frame looks more retro, suitable for families with Chinese decoration. The stainless steel type is suitable for use in modern and simple style families.

The above is the introduction of mirror purchase method and bathroom mirror selection. In general, it is best to choose a mirror according to your own decoration style, rather than choosing randomly. If you want to know more about bathroom furniture, please continue to pay attention to us.