There's also an additional advantage to hunting

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Ok. I earn about 300k a week. I would want to know which OSRS gold one would earn me money at lowest level. The one that would see me making money faster. Mining rune seems to be the best but that's long term. I'm looking for a short term.

In the beginning, through NMZ you can purchase imbuables. You can imbue every the fremennik or wilderness ring to boost their stats two times. The black mask and Slayer helmets can be upgraded also, adding 50 percent damage and accuracy increases for range and magic as well. In addition, it is possible enhance crystal items to keep their maximum attack stats.

There is also special herb box that you can purchase with points. Each of these boxes includes various herbs , and will cost 9500 points. The boxes can be purchased per day, and each of them contains herbs that worth around 10k gold. That's 150k gold each day.


Hunter is a skill in RuneScape which can be leveled for members-only players through catching different creatures in Gielinor. Those creatures award experience and sometimes , even items (chinchompas for example). At lower levels of hunter, the hunter can only set 1 trap. As you level your skill up to 20 you'll be able to set 2 traps, on 40 - 3 and then on 60 and 4 and 5 on level 80.

There's also an additional advantage to hunting in the wilderness , as it provides the possibility of putting in the trap in a different location. It is common for people to train Hunter skill to gain access to catching Chinchompas. This is an the most profitable way to earn money when you play OSRS. As skill is quite click-intensive there aren't any afk-friendly techniques for it. In our guide you will be able to find a complete listing of the best ways to learn as a Hunter.

Let's take a look at the most simple way to become an elite hunter. As you begin your journey using this ability, you won't even need any items. Just head to the Varrock museum to old school runescape buy gold speak to Orlando Smith and for completing brief mini-games he'll provide you with 1000 points in Both Hunter and Slayer skills. It's enough to reach the 9th level.